When you're listening to AC/DC's "Who Made Who," do you ever wonder who made God?

When you're listening to AC/DC's "Who Made Who," do you ever wonder who made God?
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Faith seems to require one of two things.  It requires either a lot of inward contemplation, or it requires no serious consideration whatsoever.

It may be that lacking the capacity for any kind of serious consideration is the key to a strong faith, but that is an over simplification.  In truth, there are plenty of smart people capable of both critical thought and a belief in a divine being.

Peter is one of the smartest guys I know.  He seems to have considered, in depth just about everything you can think of, certainly everything that's likely to be discussed around the barbecue.

Even when I don't agree with what he says, his arguments are generally cogent, well thought out and persuasive.  I don't think Peter's ever changed my mind, but he has added to or changed my perspective on more than one occasion.

I might be somewhat atypical in that regard.  I don't have any ideological adherence to my beliefs.  Instead,  I like to question them on a regular basis to see if they make sense to me TODAY.

On issues like abortion, gun control and immigration, my views do not align with either side, left or right.  I'm not only willing to listen to both sides of those arguments, I'm willing and able to argue either side.

The phrase "partial birth abortion" makes me wince, but the image it conjures is nothing less than horrifying.  Nonetheless, I find more in common with the voices who favor a woman's right to choose than I do with the so-called pro-lifers, whom I find offensive and hypocritical.

It could be that I've never met a pro-lifer who had any interest in humanity, once the individual clears the hurdle of live birth.  But that's for a different discussion.

It's not surprising that during a typical battle about the existence of God, Peter tends to take it all in, remaining above the fray.   It's only once the combatants have exhausted their arsenals of weaponry for and against His being that Peter puts forth his own thoughts.

Stipulating to all theories of how we (human beings) and the world around us came to be, Peter proposes a question.

Even if one were to subscribe to the theory that we are descendants of some long-ago visitors to our planet, Peter would pose the following question to you:

"Who created those visitors from outer space?"

Like a magician leading you to pick the card he has pre-selected, all arguments lead to that one question.  Whatever it is you believe in, some (body, thing, force) created it.

You may not believe in a divine being, but you are still left to answer any questions that may be dangling outside of conventional wisdom.  The Big Bang (not the one with that annoying Sheldon guy) and evolution work for me, but they don't explain absolutely everything.

I will probably die waiting for a scientific explanation of the meaning of life, but I'm not yet near enough the end to substitute a mythical being for reason.

And yet, Peter's question is still substantive.  Some (body, thing, force) had to have been there from the beginning, whenever that was.  All evidence points to the Earth being about 4-1/2 billion years old, so who do we know that is older than that?

The problem with "Who Made Who" is that it is an open and unlimited question.  If you accept the premise that some (body, thing, force) made us, then you have ask the next, logical question.

Who made that some (body, thing, force)?  If we can't exist without having been created, then it might hold true that our Creator couldn't exist without having been created.  If in fact, there was a God before there were planets or people, then He was a god of nothing.

Can a deity exist absent any worshipers?

As I said, I like to question my beliefs on a regular basis.  After all, if you don't question your beliefs, how do you know what you really believe?

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