Jeb Bush may not be his brothers keeper, but he wants to run for Dubya's third term

Jeb Bush may not be his brothers keeper, but he wants to run for Dubya's third term

Jeb Bush may bridle when Donald Trump calls him a low energy guy, but he has done nothing to show otherwise.  Not only is Jeb's personality low energy, but his campaign is anemic.

The concept of being one's brother's keeper goes back to the Bible (Genesis 4:9).  When God asked Cain the whereabouts of his dead brother, Abel, Cain asked, "Am I my brother's keeper?"

The answer may be yes or no, depending on the circumstances, but in Jeb's case, the answer should be a resounding, "No!"   One can only wonder why the younger brother of our 43rd president, G.W. "Dubya" Bush is trying to rewrite history and reanimate Dubya's presidency.

Jeb's feeble, blundering campaign style does little to suggest any kind of competency for the office he seeks.  Campaigning is a job, just like being president is a job and the argument can be made that a crappy campaigner will be a crappy president.

Consider the campaign an audition for the office.

Before throwing his little beanie into the ring, Jeb spent about a month strategizing with his PACs and Super PAC's.  In our crazy political system, a potential candidate can't communicate with his "anonymous" donors once he officially declares his candidacy.

It was a bit of a lame maneuver and made him look like the un-decider, the opposite of Dubya, who declared himself "The Decider" in 2006.

During the month when Jeb played coy when asked if he was planning a run for the presidency, he should have been preparing himself for the question that any freshman Poli-Sci student could have told him would be coming.

In light of what we now know, Jeb, would you have invaded Iraq?

It was a pretty straightforward, yes-or-no question that Jeb bobbled like a high school wide receiver on cough medicine.  During the second week of May, Jeb reversed and restated his position on Iraq five times.

His final answer was that he would not have gone into Iraq, but he also felt that the world was a safer place without Saddam Hussein.

Perhaps he still hadn't been briefed on ISIS at that point.  More on that later.

This week, Jeb is releasing policy positions.  They're not necessarily his policy positions because they aren't very original and demonstrate all too clearly that Jeb wants to be his brother's legacy's keeper.

Jeb's first proclamation was a foreign policy blitz that could have been written by Dick Cheney, the man who has never been right about anything.  In short, Jeb wants to get some American boots over there in the Middle East sand.

What could possibly go wrong, using the American fighting force to manipulate the balance of power in the Middle East?

The second plank in Jeb's platform is a regurgitation of all other GOP tax reforms from Dubya to Mitt Romney to Donald Trump.  Essentially, it involves tax cuts for the rich and for corporate America, with some some tax credits for the working poor sprinkled in.  You can label this the Bush Tax Cuts, Part II.

Anyone out there remember the consequences of the Bush Tax Cuts, Part I?

The last release of Jebicy (Jeb policy) is, ironically his energy policy.  Some of his biggest donors are starting to think that the best thing Jeb can do energy-wise is to get off the decaf.

Summing up these bright ideas, between natural gas and the XL pipeline, Jeb is going to create one million new jobs.  The jury's still out on the pipeline, but oil and gas production is largely driven by its profitability.


Oil production soared under President Obama, but not entirely because of anything he did.  It was due to increased exploration and production driven by high oil prices in the previous decade.

All of the above, though is just politics as usual.  Jeb's potentially fatal error came during the last GOP debate when he told Donald Trump (and the nation) that the one thing that he (Jeb) knows is that his brother (Dubya) kept us safe.

Speaking in as non-partisan a voice as possible, if that's the one thing that Jeb knows, we are all in trouble.  The problem, as I see it is that he has enough in his war chest (over $10 Million) to be one of the last guys standing through attrition.

One has to wonder, though if he really believes that bullshit or if he expects anyone else to believe it.  He may be a good enough politician to have convinced himself, but I fear that he has plenty of company.

Not that it should matter, but a third of all Republicans believe the President is a Muslim.  Probably the same third that still thinks that Dubya was a great president and now attend Trump rallies.

Did anyone feel safe on September 12, 2001 (the day after)?   Granted, it was only eight months into Dubya's presidency, but Obama gets the blame for a recession that started when he was still a junior senator from Illinois.

Also, it's well documented that Dubya turned a deaf ear to CIA warnings of the impending attacks as early as March and April of 2001.

Did anyone feel safe when our work force was dwindling by 750,000 jobs a month?  I didn't and I didn't even have a job to lose.

Tax cuts, unfunded wars and a ridiculous  laissez faire policy toward the banks all conspired to cause the worse economic disaster since the Great Depression.  Is it any wonder the recovery came in fits and starts.

I would also ask the people of New Orleans how safe they felt in September of 2005.  Many of them found themselves living in conditions worse than any third world nation in the midst of a civil war or any of a number of failed nation states.

Dubya seems like a nice enough guy and I wouldn't mind having a cocktail (or two) with him.  History, though will remember him as one of our worst presidents and his invasion of Iraq as the single worst foreign policy decision in modern history.



Regarding that world-is-a-safer-place-without-saddam-hussein proclamation, the world has become significantly more dangerous since we toppled the Hussein regime.  Historically, that is what one should expect when meddling in other countries' business, especially when it comes to installing shahs and deposing dictators.

When Hussein fell, his Baathist supporters fled, returning to run the caliphate, direct ISIS and take revenge on the Shia leadership who shunned the Sunnis in Iraq's newly formed government.  Don't worry if you didn't get all that, just remember this:  Nature abhors a vacuum .

If Jeb wants to blow his shot at being number 45, he should do it on his own.  He should stick to the low-energy-bumbling-idiot thing.  Nobody wants to see a third term for Dubya and rewriting history is only for winners.

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