Iran deal or no Iran deal, that is the question

Iran deal or no Iran deal, that is the question








The Iran deal is on the table and, as Howie Mandel might say, "Deal or No Deal?"   The follow up question to all nay sayers must be, if no deal, then what?

Let's get to the 800 lb gorilla in the room, right off the bat.  Is there any such thing as a good deal with Iran or is it always going to seem like we're making a deal with the Devil?

(Bit of irony there, with the Supreme Leader calling us the Great Satan)

If you picked the "deal with the Devil" thing, I'm with you.  That, unfortunately is the reality of the world in which we live.  So let us deal with reality.

The reality is that no deal is perfect.  A lawyer once told me that a good divorce is one where both parties walk away feeling like they got screwed.  At the time, I didn't appreciate those pearls of wisdom and I told him that divorce attorneys were to the legal profession what proctologists are to the medical profession.

He didn't laugh, either.  I have since come to understand what he meant, though.

In peace time, deals are negotiated and compromises are made. President Reagan compromised with the Soviet Union on arms control, just as President Nixon did with China.

The other thing to consider, the one that's more like having your mother-in-law in the room is the fact that nothing accomplished by the Obama administration ever has or ever will find favor among his Republican colleagues.  That makes it more difficult to gauge their criticism of the deal.

They (the Republicans), along with Bibi Netanyahu were convinced that it was a terrible deal before they knew a single detail.

They're like the boys who keep crying, "wolf."  You never know if you should take them seriously or if they're just playing to the cameras, throwing red meat to the mindless masses.

When Netanyahu addressed Congress back in March, he stressed, as he always does Iran's imminent and existential threat to Israel.  Israel takes that threat seriously and we here in the United States should, as well.

The Supreme Leader, yesterday reiterated his vow that Israel will not exist in 25 years.

At that time, though Bibi said that we were underestimating the immediacy of Iran's nuclear potential.  He said that they could quite possibly have a nuclear weapon in about two weeks.  His words, not mine.

Assuming that he's seen the deal, he's doubling down on the horrible job we (John Kerry) did negotiating with Iran.  The only difference, though is that he's using one of the timetables contained within the agreement, itself.

Now Bibi says that it's a terrible deal, that Iran could have a nuclear weapon in 15 years.

I don't know about you, but just based on Netanyahu's estimate of Iran's nuclear capability going from two weeks to 15 years seems like a major step in the right direction to me.

Without a doubt, the deal is flawed.  Then again, the United States hasn't had much success negotiating with enemies since Japanese Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu signed an unconditional surrender aboard the Missouri in September of 1945.

That being said, it's still better to negotiate with your enemies than to ignore them.  They never just go away.

Some of us are disgruntled about the 24-day notice Iran gets prior to inspections.

These aren't high school kids smoking pot.  They can't just hide the bong because someone called and said their parents are coming home.  If they're enriching uranium, the inspectors will know.

The self-inspection stuff may be a little troubling, but it only occurs at a facility that has never been suspected of enriching uranium.

This deal affords the world unprecedented access to Iran's nuclear facilities.  If there is no deal, there is no access.  What sounds better, no access or unprecedented access?

A lot of folks think Iran will plunge the $100 Billion dollars in unfrozen assets back into funding terrorist activity and there is always that possibility.

CIA analysts released a report recently that it's much more likely that Iran will use the money to pay off some its of debts and try to re-start their economy.  That would be good for everyone.

Remember, if they don't abide the terms of the deal or if they go back to sponsoring terrorism, the money can alway be frozen again, the sanctions can always be put back in place.  Even with the deal in place, all of our other options are still open to us.

Heck, we can even attack Iran, which I'm guessing we'll do if the GOP takes the White House next year.  Just on general principles.

If we walk away from this deal, there is no credible alternative, no matter what Donald Trump says.  This isn't just about us.  This deal includes P5+1 (China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States; plus Germany) and the European Union.

If we walk away, we will be the outcasts, not Iran.  The point of the negotiations was to prevent Iran from developing weapon grade material.  Most experts agree that that has been accomplished not for just 15 years, but well into the foreseeable future.

Yesterday, Trump said that in his life he never, ever, never, ever saw such a bad deal.  Never, ever.

Based on his unbelievably superficial knowledge of everything from the Constitution to macro-economics to foreign policy, you can bet your last dollar that he has not read a single word of the deal.

Ditto for Sarah Palin.

You can read more about the reality of the Iran deal HERE

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