10 reasons you shouldn't vote for a black man for president

(In no particular order)

  1. How can you vote for a guy crazy enough to want to be the 2nd black president?

  2. Black presidents seem to create obstructionist legislators.

  3. There's a bad moon rising and a black guy shouldn't have to take the heat when the feces hit the fan.

  4. If a black guy can't get any credit for the biggest bull market in history, ending two wars and whacking bin Laden, what's the point?

  5. We're still debating the “N” word.

  6. After I vote for a woman, I want my next barrier-breaker to be a Jew.

  7. Too many bigots in this country, especially the kind that pretend they aren't.

  8. He'd have to pretend they're not racists or they'll say he's playing the race card.

  9. Vladimir Putin might not like it

  10. I didn't say I wouldn't vote for a black woman.

I get the feeling that some people take an instant dislike to me and I have a problem with that. I can understand their disgust once they get to know me, but why jump to conclusions? Give me a chance.

The day after the 2008 elections, Mitch McConnell announced that the only mission of Congressional Republicans-in the midst of the worst recession in modern history and two ongoing wars-was to make the President-elect look bad.

Not very heady aspirations for the most overpaid, under-worked, well-cared-for public servants in history.

These guys, whether you want to call them Tea Partiers, the Christian Right or whatever appeals to the base all seem to cower under the cloak of Christianity. We're all heathens, but they're men of faith.

Well, God does work in mysterious ways. Very mysterious.

Take the “abomination” thing. I think they generally use that when talking about homosexuality. I'm no biblical scholar, but I think the only thing in the New Testament that was actually mentioned as an abomination to God is the love of money.

No wonder they stick with the abominations in the Old Testament, which, by the way is an abomination to me, because that is not their area of expertise.

Jesus had a pretty good plan; feed the hungry, house the homeless and heal the sick. His self-proclaimed followers have somehow interpreted that as “screw the poor and let the sick ones go to the emergency room”. Not a very humanitarian “Plan B”.

There's another group trying to impose a twisted version of their religion on the world.  I think they call themselves, "Taliban".

Mouthing patriotic sound bites does not a patriot make. Not voting against expanded health care for combat veterans-especially when you support any and every possibility of creating new ones-would be a starting gesture.

Similarly, proclaiming your religiosity-yes, it is a word-doesn't make you holy or right.  That's right with a small “r”.

Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.

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