Rafael and Ted Cruz: The father, the son and the holy hypocrisy

Rafael (the senior) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) (the son) are two peas in a pod.  They are the dynamic duo of hypocrisy, fiction-based rants and what Bill Maher calls life in "the bubble".

The Bible talks a lot about sins of fathers and sins of sons and who pays for whose sins.  Like everything else in the Bible, what you take away is usually what you start out wanting to believe, but punishment seems to be meted out much more liberally in the Old Testament.

Without commenting further on biblical references, I will say that Pastor Cruz (Rafael, Sr) should leave the Old Testament to those more familiar with that unique brand of vengeance.  Non-Jews should limit their remarks to the New Testament.

Some non-biblical sayings are much more to the point and more apropos of the Cruz family.  Something about "the apple not falling far from the tree" comes to mind, as does the one that goes, "Like father, like son".

For those of you not familiar with Senator Cruz's father, Rafael Cruz is a force in his own right.  He often speaks in his son's stead at Republican and Tea Party events in Texas and has been featured by Right Wing groups like Heritage Action and Freedom works.  In his already-begun presidential campaign, young Senator Ted Cruz unabashedly drags his dad out to places like Iowa to seduce evangelical voters.

Pastor Cruz, who said in a speech to the Tea Party that we should send President Obama back to Kenya is often recognized from the podium at GOP events by the likes of Marco Rubio (R-FL), who not only shares his ultra conservative ideology, but his Cuban heritage.

Pastor Cruz is more than just a senator's father.  He is a loud voice on the very far Right.  His church, Purifying Fire Ministries preaches Christian (not even Judeo-Christian) dominion over EVERYTHING.  Pastor Cruz calls our constitution a "divine revelation from God."  He insists that state's rights is commanded in the Bible and that men must be the spiritual leaders of their households.  Men, not women.

Makes Purifying Fire Ministries sound an awful lot like the Wesboro Baptist Church, where followers of Pastor Fred Phelps used to attend soldier's funerals and tell grieving parents that their children died because "God hates fags."   Some patriotic and compassionate motorcyclists put an end to that nonsense.

Pastor Cruz calls President Obama a Marxist and compares him to Fidel Castro.  What he doesn't say is the he (Cruz) fought for Castro.  That's right, the patriarch of the anti-Communist, anti-immigration reform, anti-working class family was part of the "26th of July Movement", joining Castro to overthrow then-President Batista.

Ironically, one of the main thorns in the sides of Cubans was that Batista had become too involved with American corporations and allowed them to become too powerful in Cuba.

Cruz, the elder joined the socialist Castro brothers to overthrow Batista and get American corporations out of Cuba.  Of course, now he says he didn't realize that Castro was a Communist.

Pastor Cruz only got around to becoming a citizen in 2005.

Ready for another revelation?  Barack Obama may be more American than Ted Cruz.  As a matter of fact, as I write this I have been unable to confirm that Cruz is an American citizen, let alone to the certainty that would qualify him to be president.

Not even Donald Trump contests the fact that Ann Dunham-Obama's mother-was a U.S. citizen.  She was born in Witchita, Kansas, making Barack Obama a U.S. citizen no matter where he was born.  Obama's parents met at the University of Hawaii, got married in Hawaii and were married at the time he was born-in Hawaii.

Falling into the citizenship category of "Birth Abroad to One Citizen and One Alien Parent," Cruz had a difficult time proving his American citizenship in order to renounce his Canadian citizenship.  So difficult, in fact that he may never have actually done it.

It is a little know fact that, in accordance with international law designed to prevent an individual from becoming stateless, in many countries, including Canada you have to prove you're a citizen of another country to renounce your citizenship in theirs.

In reality, we have no proof that Cruz is an American citizen or that he renounced his Canadian citizenship.

As for Senator Cruz's assertion that his dad immigrated legally, the elder Cruz has always maintained that he bribed his way out of Cuba.  Senator Cruz may have missed the day in Harvard Law School where they went over the legality of bribing government officials.

Just to keep things honest and to bolster the Senator's credibility, maybe we should insist that he reads the Affordable Care Act before he tries to shut down the government again, just to kill a law that he doesn't seem to understand and has only vague, fear-inducing words to justify his obsessive crusade.

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  • Here is another Biblical quote: "Do not judge, lest you yourself be judged." Often it is taken out of context. I won't touch on the lies of the president, especially the latest one.

    What I can't understand is your birther "tirade" over Cruz. If he is so dangerous certainly this will be recognized. The Republican leadership does not like him, and liberals and progressives certainly do not, so why the muss and fuss?

    Save the energy for defending the indefensible, such as the ObamaCare lie about keeping your doctor and health care policy.

  • Ever going to post a comment, Bob, without censoring it? Geeze. Show off us rightwing wingnuts for who we are, at the very least. :--->

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    I never censor comments, invite all to participate. Rightwing wingnuts are free to express themselves on my forum.

  • In reply to Bob Abrams:

    Thanks, Bob. RIghtwing wingnut reporting for a beating. LOL. But why not go for immediate gratification? We wingnuts want to see our stuff and then go back and moan about the abuse. Humor us. Might mean more eyeballs and hits. Thanks.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Thanks for reading. Call me Dominatrix Beatrice. LOL
    btw-this is the way it's supposed to be. If everyone agreed with me, I'd know for sure something was wrong.

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