Chicago-based Veteran Beer throws its hat in the ring on Veterans Day

Chicago has a new reason to call itself a beer town.  Launching today on Veterans Day, Veteran Beer has brought 10,000 cases of its hand-crafted beer to our market.

From their press release:
"The Veteran Beer Company was founded on July 4, 2012 by disabled combat military veterans and is dedicated to producing, selling, and delivering beers of superior quality and taste and creating meaningful post-service careers for military veterans. The company strives to employ veterans in every role within the organization and the supply chain while adhering to the highest principles of military service, conducting business with integrity, courage, and loyalty. The company is committed to being a preeminent beverage manufacturing company inspired by the highest traditions and principles of the United States military."

Veteran Beer's management team is ex-military from the top down, with somewhere near 50 years of service among them. The son of their corporate counsel is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and a career Marine.

Veteran beer has pledged to donate ten percent of their profits to charities that will support veterans causes.

Company CEO, Paul Jenkins is a disabled Navy veteran who spent 14 years in the military before moving into the private sector.  A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, he also has advanced degrees from the University of Chicago.

Mr. Jenkins has set lofty goals for his company. They would like to employ 100 veterans in the first year, 500 within three years and 3,500 within five years.

While based in Chicago, the company's brewery is in Cold Spring, MN.  Distribution in Illinois will be handled by Flyer Beverage Company.

Eric Rine is Veteran's brew master, switching gears from an F/A-18D Weapon System Officer to a graduate of the Davis School of Brewing Science at the University of California.  The first two beers to be introduced will be called Veteran Amber Lager and the Blonde Bomber.  Both are described as easy-drinking, session beers.

For sports fans, this is a no-brainer.  Not to imply that sports fans have no brains, but Veteran Beer will be available at all Levy restaurants in the United Center.  On Rush Street you can find it at The Lodge, Bootlegger and Mother's Too.  Hooters will also be serving Veteran Beer, but if your wife asks, you didn't hear it from me.

Happy Veterans Day.

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