Cardinal George adds his sacramental wafers to Illinois' legalization of gay marriage

Chicago's Francis Cardinal George spoke out yesterday on the impending enactment of Illinois' new gay marriage law.  In his latest diatribe, as the battle against legalizing gay marriage in Illinois ends in defeat, Cardinal George issued a dire warning for the fall of civilization.

On Wednesday, November 20, 2013, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn will sign gay marriage into law in a 3,000 seat auditorium at the University of Illinois in Chicago.    About 1,000 people watched when Quinn signed civil union into law in January, 2011 at the Chicago Cultural Center.

The irony of his arguments seem lost on George, who was mostly unapologetic for the pedophilia epidemic rampant in the Church and its billion-dollar, decades-long cover-up.

The Church sees itself as being above the law, and in many instances, it is.  The Church pays no taxes.  Priests are shielded from sharing information on criminal activity where others may be prosecuted for obstruction of justice.  The Church sees pedophilia as an internal affair, striving for years to block efforts to enforce civil law.

Cardinal George was even quick to pounce on the Pope's apparent easing on the Church's stance on homosexuality.  Cardinal George said that the Pope's comments were "misunderstood."   Apparently it takes a cardinal to interpret the words of a pope.

Back in June, Cardinal George issued an encyclical, of sorts enumerating 5 main problems with gay marriage.  He said that gay marriage, unlike slavery was not an inevitability, that gay men could retain the respect that they worked for without society giving up its lock on the one-man-one-woman definition of marriage.

Hundreds of thousands of men and women died because they did not believe that the end of slavery was an inevitability.

George spoke of the detrimental effects fatherless families have on society.  While no one could argue that point, it seems unlikely that men prevented from entering into the holy bonds of matrimony with other men would choose to head up June-and-Ward-Cleaver-type families.

It may be worth questioning those who defend so strongly an institution (marriage) that only has a 50% success rate.  Would you buy a car that only worked half the time?

Cardinal George was also quick to chastise Illinois legislators-something most of us have done regularly for some time-for tackling an issue that is beyond their authority.  According to George, the lawmakers should stick to civil matters.

Anyone who has been through a divorce in Illinois knows that marriage, while often un-civil is also a very civil matter.  Someone might want to mention to George that he is poking his ecumenical nose into civil affairs, something that is beyond his authority.

Catholic politicians took a hit, too, being cast by Cardinal George as having abandoned their roles in the Catholic church and as role models for Catholic citizens. This might be a good place to refer back to the paragraph on pedophile priests.

The fifth part of George's condemnation of legalizing gay marriage has to do with Pope John XXIII and his softening on anti-Semitism.  I'm not sure where he was going with this, but I think the cardinal was trying to say that too much acceptance of homosexuality would corrupt both Church officials and their followers.

An argument could be made that Cardinal George thinks that Pope John was off base in his re-evaluation of the Church's antipathy toward Jews, but I don't think that's what he meant.  It's a very obtuse argument, at best.

Back in 2011, Cardinal George said that he could see the (Gay) Pride Parade in Chicago morphing into the KKK.  That, too was a weird thing to say and the cardinal caught some heat for it.

It was, however an interesting comment.  The KKK is a fundamentally Christian organization that preaches white supremacy based on their interpretation of the Bible.   Cardinal George may have gotten it almost right.  Perhaps we shouldn't allow anyone's interpretation of the Bible-or the Koran-to influence the supposedly secular nature of our governments, local or national.

The First Amendment guarantees everyone the freedom to practice their religion as they see fit.  It also guarantees us the right NOT to have to practice anyone else's religion.

I will probably die never having gotten used to seeing a couple of dudes making out.  In my own twisted defense, though I can watch two or more women making out all day long.  At least until my arm gets sore.

I have yet to hear, though any explanation as to how a married, gay couple moving in next door to me will have any negative impact on my family or my community.  If anything, I might be forced to spruce up my wardrobe.

Some say that Cardinal George is a little too vocal in his opposition to gay marriage.  To paraphrase Queen Gertrude (from Hamlet), "The man in the black dress doth protest too much, methinks."

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