Paula Deen chopped by Food Network, dropped by Walmart and way off Target

Paula Deen chopped by Food Network, dropped by Walmart and way off Target

Paula Deen's contract on the Food Network is cooked. She's been kicked off Walton Mountain and now she's off Target. What's next for the cook cum business mogul? Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a damn.   She made $17 Million in 2012, so I don't think anyone's going to have to set up a tag day for her.

What bugs me are the lame arguments used to defend her, the same ones we hear time and time again.  One of the favorites is the feigned indignation of white people who think there's a double standard attaching so much negativity to their use of the "N" word when black rappers use it all the time.

Let me say this about that: There is no similarity or moral equivalency between black people using the "n" word (hereinafter referred to as "n.........") and white people using it. It's as different as your spouse or lover touching you in an intimate way and having a stranger grope you. It's a matter of context.   A black person's use of the word does not reflect centuries of racial hatred and degradation.

There are two kinds of white people, those who can say "n......" and those who simply can not utter the word. Call it upbringing or moral conscience, it is anathema for the latter group to even form the word. You can not say you use it without malice, it is inherently malicious.  It's a window to a festering soul, an indication of a deeper antipathy.  There is no word like it in the English language or any other of which I'm aware.  We might one day consider it harmless, but much evolution will precede that day.

My mother always insisted that she had no racist inclinations, that her negative reaction to mixed-race couples and children was based on the way other people might see them and treat them.  As is often the case, the irony of her philosophy of inter-racial relations was lost on her.

Ms. Deen channeled Jesus when she said on the Today Show that anyone who never said anything they regretted should throw a stones at her head.  In her tearful plea, Deen was playing both the adulterer brought to Jesus by the Jews and Jesus, himself.  This passage (John 8.7) is seen by some as anti-Semitic, so she may have been treading dangerous waters with that one.

Sadly, though Deen's pleas are falling upon deaf ears. Sinners themselves or not, corporate America is turning it's back on Paula Deen. The uniqueness of that particular racial epithet is self-labeling and self-defining. No apology can change that. We only forgive politicians and athletes for transgressions that large.  Her adoring fans have already overlooked one transformation, after it came to light that her own cooking caused her to be a fat diabetic.

Carlo M. Gigliotti, director of operations for Harvest NA, a company in Wales, Mich., ended a lengthy letter of support with: "Paula, you have responded to an allegation and responded truthfully. With your honest answer you have done what is right in the (sight) of God.

Interesting. The first question begging to be asked is how in the heck Carlo M. Gigliotti knows if Paula Deen answered the allegations truthfully? Did he Tevo her entire life?  The second question begged is how Mr. Gigliotti knows how God feels about Deen's racial slurs?   And finally, I must ask, "How come you never meet any atheistic racists?"

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    This article is one of the most judgemental that I have read! I know that I have said things I regret and everyone reading this article including the one who wrote it is no different. I think it is arrogant to judge someone this harsh. Who are you or anyone else to talk about her like this? One thing I don't understand is how is how the n word is spoken in a positive way if your skin is crazy is that! It is a double standard and either way it shouldn't be said but we've all said bad things so why don't we just get over it. Like you
    said, she's got the money so she didn't have to apoligize
    especially as much as she has.

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