Mitt Romney on handouts and cutouts: Book of Mormon Part II

Mitt Romney's comments after the election made him seem bitter, misguided, in denial or all of the above.   He blamed his loss on "goodies" passed out to Blacks, Latinos, women and young people and the power of the "encumbancy".   He lamented that he was unable to get his own message out to those groups. More accurately, it could be said that his loss was attributable to the fact that those groups got his message, loud and clear.   Promising to repeal The Affordable Insurance Act may not have been the best way to court the uninsured.

Now that The Great Sequester is upon us, Mitt says it's "killing him" that he's not in the White House to do the right thing, something he revealed in an interview on FOX News over the weekend.   He may be missing the point, which is that the majority of Americans do not want him in the White House, his concern for the 47% notwithstanding.

Epitomizing hubris, Romney still insists that he knows what's best for America, Americans be damned.   The quintessential patrician.   It may hurt, but it's for your own good.   He says that it's the president's job to bring the parties together to compromise on a solution to the detrimental effect of across the board spending cuts. A compromise. Apparently he hasn't met Eric Kantor or Mitch McConnell. Nor has he articulated exactly how one should go about such a compromise. What he has articulated is that the man who beat him by passing out bags full of cash is doing it all wrong. His memoirs might best be titled, "The Audacity of Oblivion".

It's no surprise that Republican law makers beat a path out of Dodge once the President signed the order putting sequestration into effect. For all practical purposes, they got what they wanted; spending cuts and no tax hikes for their wealthy buddies. The fact that hundreds of government workers will be taking unpaid furloughs or losing their jobs is just icing on the cake. The fact that millions of working class Americans will be negatively impacted through cuts in important programs and extended lines at airport security is of no real concern.

The only plan offered by Romney or any other Republican so far is the same plan we've heard since rich people discovered influence.  We need a lower tax rate.  Why should a man with an EIGHT figure annual income have to pay 14% in taxes?

Both parties seem to agree that sacrifices need to be made, just not about who should be making them. Senators and congressman are exempt, so they're not worried. Members of one of the parties think that they should be exempt, as well. They're all about going to war, just not with their kids. They're all about spending cuts, as long as it doesn't affect the largesse bestowed upon them by the government in the form of VERY favorable tax treatment. Given the choice between disastrous spending cuts and even marginal tax increases on the very wealthy.....we can see how they chose.

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