New GOP rises from the ashes: A deja vu all over again you gotta love

Like a phoenix of ancient Greece, the Republican Party rises up from its own ashes after a self-immolating crash and burn.  Skeptical?  Read on.

A scathing report released by party leaders depicts the GOP as a bunch of old, White, stuffed shirts, completely out of touch with voters.  In the words of Party Chairman Reince Priebus, "Our message was weak, our ground game was insufficient, we weren't inclusive, we were behind in both data and digital, our primary and debate process needed improvement."

The report went on to say the party remains plagued by a perception that minority voters are not welcome and that Republicans lack tolerance for those who back gay marriage, abortion rights, generous Medicare benefits and other flash points that dominate the American political debate.   Apparently the problem is our perception.

For the third straight year House Republicans (all but 10) passed failed VP candidate Paul Ryan's budget, which has changed not one iota.   In essence, Ryan's budget embraces the partly line and the heart of their policies. While referred to by some as a manifesto of austerity, it is not. It's the same pressure to cut taxes for the rich, heretofore referred to as "job creators", although a better moniker would be "wealth creators".   As you may or may not realize, tax cuts cost money.  YOUR money. Using the un-funded Bush tax cuts one and two as a primer, Ryan's budget pays for them by shredding programs relied upon by working-class stiffs.  The proletariat. Underachievers.  Poor relations.  The 47%.

More stunning though is the driving force of the budget, de-funding the Affordable Health Care Act.  Obamacare.  Why reform the party when you can act like you won the election.  Pre-existing condition?  Get over it.  Lose your coverage? Suck it up.  Got a 24-year-old kid with no insurance?  Tell him to be careful.   Why keep a program that will ensure proper health care for 30 million Americans and cut $700 Billion off the debt?   Real Americans own their own companies or have their insurance paid for by corporate America.   Real American servants, our representatives in Washington have their insurance provided by and paid for by.......YOU.

Tomorrow we're going to talk about the new party of inclusion.  The big tent and one homophobe's revelation.

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