Barack Obama: An easy man to hate

Some of the people who were bitter about the election of Barack Obama continue to resent his presidency post re-election and continue to deny the legitimacy of his presidency.  Even if I were the staunchest of Republicans, I don't think I would be able to comprehend the anger. A democratically elected president is the foundation of our republic and a true patriot supports that process.  Is all this about our president's "non-whiteness"?????

As a man, Obama seems to be a pretty upstanding citizen.    Hard working, well educated.   No police record.  Good husband, good father.  Civic minded.   Not much of a dancer for a guy who's half Black, but he is a reasonable hoopster   If someone has a problem with all that, they may be setting their standards a bit too high.  My only problem with Mr. Obama, the citizen is that I fall significantly short of his benchmark.

Some of the stuff I hear is just people repeating stuff they heard because they want to believe it and they're too lazy or too stupid to search for the truth for themselves.
If you think he's a Socialist, then you don't know the meaning of the word.    If you think that his mother faked his birth records so that the newborn son of a single white mother and a Libyan father (Barack Hussein Obama, Sr) could grow up to be president one day, you gotta stop smoking that stuff before breakfast.

There's absolutely no evidence that he wants to take away your guns or merge America into some world government.  Or marry your daughter.   He never even mentioned gun control until the Newtown shootings and it would have been impossible to ignore that.  65% of Americans now favor universal background checks.   But seriously,  do you HAVE TO believe everything you hear on FOX and read in your email?

Some people think President Obama didn't do enough to stimulate the economy and job growth.   As someone who has studied economics for the past 35 years, I think I can speak to that with a small degree of reliability.  Most people either don't realize or they've forgotten how severe the recession was when Obama took office. During the 8 years under Bill Clinton's economic policies 20 million jobs were added.  During the 8 years under G.W. Bush's economic policies, 7.5 million jobs were lost, more than in the previous 4 recessions COMBINED. And it wasn't just us, it was a global meltdown, including Europe and Asia. We were literally on the verge of complete economic collapse. Housing, banking, stocks...ka-boom. We were at a tipping point and if GM had gone bankrupt (THERE WERE NO PRIVATE FUNDS AVAILABLE) it may well  have pushed us over the edge. And with us would have gone the rest of the world.  We would have been digging out of the rubble for years to come.

THREE TRILLION DOLLARS were sucked out of the economy (two tax cuts, two un-funded wars, thank you very much G.W.).  Obama's $800-$900 Billion stimulus package slowed the destruction faster than during the much less severe recession under the 1st Bush. Obama's only fault was not fighting harder for a bigger stimulus, at least $1.5 Trillion.

Most of the TARP money has already been paid back, plus interest.   We are gaining jobs every month.   Not as fast as we need to, but faster than most economists thought possible.   American corporations have record  surpluses of cash (why aren't they hiring?).   Banks are lending, business are starting up and growing.   Housing has stabilized in almost every sector and growing in most.

Obama's first 2 years in office produced more legislative initiatives than any president I can think of.  And that's with a Congress dedicated to nothing more than opposition.   No plans, no policies, no suggestions other than more tax cuts for the so-called  "job creators", who seem to be hoarding all their cash and no recognition that tax cuts have NEVER improved our economy and were at least partially responsible for the collapse.

If anyone can explain to me why they hate Barack Obama or suggest what could have been done that wasn't, I would appreciate the enlightenment.   Barack Obama isn't a threat to the American dream, he's the embodiment of it.  For anyone, regardless of race, creed or color.  Or political affiliation.

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  • Most of it seems to be by people who are chagrined that Obama is not to the right of, say, Ron Paul.

    Unlike Hugo Chavez or Lenin, I haven't heard that Obama wants a glass sarcophagus.

    And, of course, you had those like the "Get Unemployed" blogger who took deceptive snapshots of the statistics to "rationalize" her hatred.

    But one correction--the Tea Party didn't arrive until the third year of Congress. The one difference is that if their point was to get Obama unelected, they failed at their last chance in 2012, unless they are now behind the robocalls starting off with "if you can't stand 4 more years of Obama..." I hung up at that point, but was told that they are trying to fund an impeachment committee. I guess not acceding to the NRA is a high crime or misdemeanor.

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