Nancy Lanza was a gun enthusiast and law-abiding, responsible citizen of Newtown, Connecticut who, seemingly posed no threat to her community.   Whether or not her son, Adam posed a discernable threat will be a matter of speculation ad nauseum.   What is not open to speculation is what Adam Lanza did with his mother's Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle that day in Sandy Hook Elementary School.

We can stipulate to the fact that the gun did not transport itself to the school or fire itself at those children, that part took human intervention.  It's true that the "gun" didn't kill anyone, a person did, but by that logic we would also have to say that the atomic bomb didn't wipe out Hiroshima, Paul Tibetts (pilot of Enola Gay) did the killing.  Maybe Reagan wasn't such an idiot for walking away from total nuclear disarmament to preserve his Star Wars Initiative.

The question, though is how the accessibility of that gun facilitated the events that followed.   Any reasonable person would have to draw the conclusion that the tragedy of Sandy Hook would have been significantly mitigated if Adam Lanza had not been able to fire as many bullets as quickly as he did.

Responding to a bill to be proposed on January 22 by California Senator Dianne Feinstein, Marine Veteran Joshua Boston posted a defiant  notice of displeasure on the, an ultra-conservative website.

First and foremost I would like to thank Cpl Joshua Boston, USMC for his service to our great nation.   Joshua, America is grateful for your service and the sacrifices you and your family made for the rest of us.  You, sir are a hero.

Based upon the years indicated by Mr. Boston as his time of service (2004-2012) it's likely that he saw deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan or both.   He was not, however allowed to bring his combat weapons home when he left those areas.   There's a good reason for that.  The training and survival skills which served Boston well in combat do not, necessarily translate well into civilian life.

An estimated 50% or more of returning Iraq/Afghanistan veterans have some degree of PTSD.   While we owe them a debt of gratitude and care for their physical and emotional health, the potential for violence from this group is greater than from the poplulation at large.   As matter of policy and fact, after military separation Boston's job description no longer includes "Defender of America".   Any guns he now owns are for his personal use, whatever that may be.

I agree that individual weapons should not be regjstered and I don't think anyone is trying to take our guns away.   It's reasonable, though to license gun owners as we do drivers.   While the Constitution may guarantee you the right to own a flint lock musket, today's gun owners shouldn't be offended if they need to prove they are sane human beings without criminal backgrounds.   And it is reasonable to limit access to weapons that can do more damage than any hunter would want to inflict upon his prey.

Senator Feinstein is not "some woman", Josh, she's an elected official who has a responsibility to her constituency.   This is the system you were defending, the one to which you swore an allegiance.   The laws of the land are not a lunch menu where you get to pick the ones you like.    There is no world government conspiracy trying to take away your rights.   There's only mothers and fathers who are tired of burying their children calling out for help from a civilized nation.

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