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NFL Wild-Card weekend preview

NFL Wild-Card weekend preview
Unfortunately, this weekend Bears players will be watching the playoffs from their couches along with us, the fans. Chicago missed out on the postseason after finishing 10-6 based on their division record. The Bears did, however, play a large role in getting other teams to the playoffs, and they generated momentum for their opponents. For... Read more »

Chicago Bears Huddle "Road to Dallas" Conference Championship Playoff Picks

Chicago Bears Huddle continues its playoff picks with this historic weekend. Managing Editor Adam Oestmann (3-5), Featured Columnist Darren Doxey (6-2) and reader Ryan Gravlee (5-3) will go head to head through the Super Bowl for final bragging rights. This week are the NFL Conference Championship games! AFC Conference Championship New York Jets at Pittsburgh... Read more »

2011 NFL Playoffs: Overtime Rule Changes Revisited

Way back in March of 2010, NFL owners voted to drastically alter the way playoff games which extend into overtime are decided. In the past, every overtime contest was a sudden-death situation. A coin toss determined the course and the first team to score won. Simple as that. Teams would rarely, if ever, defer in... Read more »

Statistically Speaking, The Bears Must Beat the Vikings in Order to Make the Playoffs

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images North America I’m a numbers guy, and I love statistics. Maybe that makes me a nerd, or maybe it makes me informed. I’ll leave that up to you. But, one of my favorite stats to look up is, based on the Bears current record, what are the chances they will make... Read more »