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So, How Do the Chicago Bears Earn Respect? Like This:

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images At 8-3, the Chicago Bears offense absolutely exploded against a Philadelphia Eagles team who everyone had dubbed the most explosive offense in the NFL. The Bears put up a season high, 31 points, to end the Eagles’ three game winning streak, and continue their own win streak to four games. The Bears... Read more »

Chicago Bears vs. Philadelphia Eagles: Fast Defense, Meets Even Faster Offense

Getty Images The Chicago Bears play host to the smoking hot Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday. And while Philly is somewhat banged up, Chicago is probably the healthiest team in the NFL. This match up is, without a doubt, one of the Bears’ biggest games of the season. The Eagles roll into Chicago with one of... Read more »

Stopping Michael Vick For Dummies: The Chicago Bears Guide to Beating Mike Vick

No, I’m not calling the Bears dummies. Just a poor attempt at a clever title on my part. Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, how to beat Michael Vick. Well, it’s pretty simple really. The blueprint has already been drawn; It’s just, few teams have been able to successfully read and execute it to exacting... Read more »

NFL Sunday Shootout: Jay Cutler vs. Michael Vick

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images So, “Why the picture of Vick and not Cutler,” you ask? Well, I guess because he’s the hot topic of conversation right now and I knew if I had a picture of him in my article, you’d read it. So there, I was right. Truth is, I’m not at all worried about... Read more »