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Does Bears GM Jerry Angelo Have a Moral Obligation to Compensate the Ravens?

Jerry thinks not… NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell thinks he should. The Baltimore Ravens certainly feel that way too. But Jerry says no. So, what do you think? Well, despite Goodell’s statement that he feels the Bears should provide some sort of draft pick compensation for the botched trade attempt on Thursday, he will not force... Read more »

Jerry Angelo's Botched Deal has Ravens Demanding Satisfaction

Jerry Angelo's Botched Deal has Ravens Demanding Satisfaction
Based on everything we know, Jerry Angelo attempted to make a trade with Ozzie Newsome that would give the Chicago Bears the 26th overall pick in the NFL draft, sending the 29th overall pick, plus the 127th overall pick (fourth-round), to the Baltimore Ravens. For just the second time in his tenure with the Bears,... Read more »

Chicago Bears Huddle "Road to Dallas" Wild Card Round Playoff Picks

Here it is folks, Chicago Bears Huddle “Road to Dallas” Wild Card picks. Each week, Managing Editor Adam Oestmann (0-0) and Featured Colimnist Darren Doxey (0-0) will go head-to-head picking the winners out of each round of the NFL playoffs. This week is Wild Card week. Here’s to hoping the Packers lose in embarrassing fashion!... Read more »