Chicago Bears close out the preseason with a loss to the Cleveland Browns

Chicago Bears close out the preseason with a loss to the Cleveland Browns

I have never watched my favorite NFL team play a game as calmly as I did on Thursday night. It goes without saying (but I will) that there is no doubt the Chicago Bears can beat the Cleveland Browns any day.

Heading into the game, the Chicago Bears were 2-1 in the preseason, while the Browns were 0-3. We all know the only reason for Thursday night’s loss was because the Browns had their first string playing against Chicago’s third string.

This is a big week for the NFL. Roster spots are still on the line, and the final game of the preseason is the last chance for players to make an impression before final cuts are made. Third string players got their last chance to impress the coaches. Starters and backups had the night off. Cuts began on Friday, as teams need to be down to 53-man rosters by Saturday at 3:00 p.m. CST.

Here are some of my thoughts from Thursday night’s game:

I predict David Fales will be cut from the roster

Following the news earlier this week that Jordan Palmer had been released, we know now that Jimmy Clausen will officially be Jay Cutler’s backup. Don’t get me wrong, Fales had a good game Thursday night, and if there weren’t more pressing matters and roster spots that had more of an immediate need, I think Fales would make the cut.

I think the Bears will try to bring him back as one of their 10 practice squad players. With a little more time and development, I see no reason that Fales can’t become a No. 2 QB.

Bears defense still has much to prove

Once again, I felt that for the second game in a row, the Chicago Bears defense was a bit too reminiscent of last year’s group. Mel Tucker has his work cut out for him again this season.

I would like to see WR Santonio Holmes on the roster

Thursday night, former Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes caught a 32-yard touchdown pass from Fales, immediately followed by a 30-yard punt return. He seemed confident and capable, and I would like to see him make the team.

Holmes came out after halftime, no longer wearing pads, so I am taking that as a sign that coaches already had seen what they needed to see in him and were confident in his ability to help this team.

I am not convinced the kick returner position has been determined

Who will it be come Saturday night? Shaun Draughn? Chris Williams? I was less than impressed with both of them Thursday, but if it was up to me, and I was forced to pick, I would go with Williams. Which leads me to my final thought, which needs no real explanation:

I still miss Devin Hester

The Chicago Bears have their season opener one week from Sunday against the Buffalo Bills.

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