Going back to Jay Cutler is the right move

Going back to Jay Cutler is the right move
Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

Welp, the meatballs are officially in full uproar that their guy “McCowin,” “McNown” or “McCowin” — take your pick — is back to being a backup. But going back to Jay Cutler makes sense. More sense than the Josh McCown boosters realize.

My hat is off to McCown. He exceeded my expectations 10 times over what they were. Quite frankly, I would like to see more of him at quarterback to see if the wheels are eventually going to fall off, but going back to Cutler is the right move because of his upcoming contract situation.

Jay Cutler is a different monster. I never thought I’d hear the day someone said something along the lines of, “McCown is making throws Cutler cant.” I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard that. There are 100% for sure, throws Cutler makes that McCown can’t simply because of arm strength.

Look no further than the Vikings game. That loss wasn’t on Josh, but there were plays left on the field that Cutler likely would have made.

McCown is fresh off an unbelievable game — one of the best in Bears’ history — vs. the Cowboys. But the Cowboys are just as bad as the Bears on defense, with basically the same scheme. And I don’t want to take anything away from Josh’s performance, but for those who say he doesn’t throw interceptions, he had three real bad balls in that game that should have been picked.

Here’s why Cutler coming back as the starting QB makes sense:

We know how McCown played in this offense. There is more than a tiny sample size. We also saw how well Cutler was playing prior to his injuries. In fact, it was the best football of his career. Apparently the saying that quarterbacks flip a switch when the turn 30 is true.

Either that or Trestman is just exactly the genius he was proclaimed to be. So here we have four games left in this season, and the Bears somehow have a chance to make the playoffs if the Lions choke like they typically do. And Trestman decides to go back to the starting quarterback to close out the season.

So why not see if Cutler can finish the job and pick up where McCown left off?
This offense is clicking at the perfect time. If Jay can come in and pick up where they left off, this team is scary. Unfortunately, the defense is the total opposite of scary. But the hope is that Cutler will continue to build a juggernaut of an offense and maybe take it to just the next level.

No doubt about it, these offensive weapons matchup against anyone and are arguably the best in the league. Matt Forte is having a career year. Jeffery and Marshall have emerged as hands-down the most uncoverable WR duo in the National Football League.

The last time we saw Cutler he came out and led a simple drive down the field for a touchdown to Brandon Marshall on the first drive. He was apparently injured on the next series according to Brandon Marshall. But you wonder what will go through everyone’s minds if Jay struggles with some rust in the first half.

The Bears probably aren’t a Super Bowl threat even with Peanut and Briggs back. However, the Bears aren’t a team you would want to deal with in the playoffs if Cutler and the gang continue this elite style of offense.

You could argue it’s as dangerous as the Broncos, Saints or Patriots. They certainly have more talent all around. If Jay can come in and be the special talent that he is, I certainly don’t want to have to gameplan defensively against the Bears.

So here we have it; the ultimate test for Cutler is here. It might be make or break for him. Jay could make himself a few more bucks and stay with the Bears with a nice deal or struggle to close out the year and watch the Bears go in a different direction come February.

I don’t know about you, but I think one way or another this thing is going to be exciting to watch.

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