Chicago Bears Huddle staff picks: Bears vs. Packers

Chicago Bears Huddle staff picks: Bears vs. Packers

Below are the Chicago Bears Huddle staff picks for Bears vs. Packers on Monday Night Football. Each week we ask a fan on Twitter to join us with the picks, and this week we asked our good friend from BEARDOWN UK for his prediction. Here’s who we got:

Blake Van Pouke (5-2*)

Packers 30, Bears 17: McCown got two weeks to prepare for Green Bay, but Green Bay also got a week to prepare for him. And with a Bears’ defense missing key pieces in the middle now tasked with stopping Aaron Rodgers, it could end in a slaughter.

The Bears’ offense should have some success if they can stay grounded with Forte, but the Bears are simply dealing with too many injuries to pull off an upset.

Darren Doxey (5-2*)

Packers 42, Bears 23: Green Bay will make Swiss cheese out of the Bears’ mangled defense, leaving McCown and company trailing early.

Dominique Blanton (5-2)

Packers 24, Bears 13: The Bears are debuting two rookie linebackers against arguably the best QB in the game in Aaron Rodgers. Not to mention Chicago had no one on the team who can rush the passer. It’s going to be a long Monday, Bears fans.

Matt Eurich (5-2)

Packers 34, Bears 20: It’s hard to feel good about any game against the Green Bay Packers and even harder knowing Jay Cutler and Lance Briggs will not be available on Monday night. The Packers have won eight of the last 10 meetings with the Bears, including six straight, and I expect them to keep that streak alive come Monday.

Josh McCown and the offense should fare better than last season under Jason Campbell when Cutler was hurt, or back in 2011 with Caleb Hanie under center, but with a defense giving up nearly 30 points per game, it may get ugly.

Adam Oestmann (4-3)

Packers 38, Bears 27: I honestly do feel like the Bears can win this game. But it would take a whole lot of things going right for them and a whole lot of things going wrong for Aaron Rodgers and Co. for it to happen.

It was going to be hard enough to win up at Lambeau with Jay Cutler under center and a strong defense. As things have turned out, the Bears will head in without their starting QB and with a struggling, injury-wrecked defense.

Getting Matt Forte going could be a key on offense, but I fail to see how, short of a litany of turnovers, the Bears’ defense does enough. Prove me wrong, guys; I dare you.

Fan Prediction (4-3)

Bob Warja (3-4*)

Packers 38, Bears 28: The only way I can envision the Bears winning on Monday night against the Packers is if they play a perfect game — no turnovers on offense and controlling the clock via the run.

However, they are going up against a run-stuffing defense. But even if they do that and Josh McCown continues to play well, I just can’t see how the Chicago defense stops Aaron Rodgers. They will need to put plenty of points on the board to stay in the game, but in the end, unfortunately, I see it as loss number four.

* Each asterisk denotes the number of times a correct score was predicted.

And just like that, panic had set in and everyone but our optimistic UK friend picks the Pack.

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