Offensive inconsistency still an issue for Chicago Bears

Offensive inconsistency still an issue for Chicago Bears
John J. Kim, Chicago Tribune

While the Chicago Bears’ offense has shown flashes at times, the inconsistency is still a problem. Let’s face it: the Bears should have dominated the Giants’ defense. Cutler played a great game, but the offense as a whole still has to go somewhere.

I am no offensive guru — although I do play one on Twitter — but there are definitely some things the Bears can and need to do to get things moving forward consistently.

Establishing the run will lead to more production elsewhere

Now, I had been one of the folks screaming for the Bears need to air it out and evolve with the rest of the league. While that’s still true, Chicago isn’t quite there yet in this system — meaning right now they’re not going to throw the ball 40 times a game and win.

Matt Forte has been running with a little extra juice in his step for the better part of this season. Bears have to come out and establish the run immediately. It will open up the entire offense. The run game doesn’t even have to be overly productive. Just doing it will open up the play action section of the playbook.

Against the Giants, things went better and Forte carried the ball 19 times.

These Bears have been in goal line situations and thrown the ball three times. That can be incredibly annoying when they have two backs who can get the job done in the redzone. If you’re committed to the run, redzone offense will be more effective with the use of roll outs.

Cutler is best on the move; it’s time to utilize that a bit, Trestman.

Ball security

Jay Cutler needs to learn how to take a sack without turning the ball over ASAP. Virtually every time this guy gets sacked on his blindside there’s a fumble. He has done a better job holding the ball higher this year but resorts to old habits immediately when pressure comes.

That’s the cold hard truth for even the biggest Cutler excuse maker around, of which I am king. Within a handful of plays last week, the Bears had one turnover and another near-turnover on the first run play of the game. Can’t be elite if you’re going to fumble the rock.

Stretch the field

This is something the Bears lack desperately: a speed threat who can blow the roof off of a defense.

Sure, Alshon and Marshall get open down the field all the time, which results in big plays. But even just a Johnny Knox-type player would bring this offense to a higher level. Marquess Wilson might be able to contribute to this cause if Trestman decides to activate and use the kid.

And while this also goes hand-in-hand with establishing the run and using play action, it’s a key component to a great offense.

Those few things would instantly make the Bears’ offense more productive in my football world, but then again my football world is kind of odd, strange and just plain weird. Its Mount Rushmore of football players consists of Kyle Orton, Brad Maynard and Mike Hass.

Trestman’s offense has been better, and his play calling at times is spectacular. But there is still something off. This isn’t the Canadian League, Marc. It’s time to run the football like the old-guy Bears fans will eagerly tell you. Go the meatball route for once and "get off the bus running."

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