Jay Cutler's interceptions could actually bode well for Bears

Jay Cutler's interceptions could actually bode well for Bears
Nuccio DiNuzzo, Chicago Tribune

Jay Cutler throwing picks can be a good thing ... crazy man say what? Yes, I actually think that the three interceptions (four turnovers overall) that Cutty was responsible for last Sunday could actually be the harbinger of something positive going forward.

No, I haven’t lost my mind. First, you can’t lose what you never had. And anyway, I’ve never been known to sugarcoat the truth. But if you go by past history — and why not — you will see that Jay actually has often responded very well to adversity.

Yes, the very same personality traits that Cutler often gets unfairly criticized for — the seemingly nonchalant body language and the “fuck you” attitude — bode well for forgetting the recent past and moving on to something better.

And past history seems to support this conclusion.

As ESPN beat writer Michael C. Wright points out, “The last time Jay Cutler tossed three or more interceptions in a game (Sept. 13, 2012), the Chicago Bears would proceed to run off a string of six consecutive wins.”

While that may be mere coincidence, consider this: Cutler tossed four interceptions in a game back in 2010 and the Bears proceeded to go on a run of five-straight victories and a division title.

Meanwhile, as bad as Cutler performed against the Lions, he did make yet another comeback attempt, though the end result was too little too late. That makes three games in which Jay has brought the team back from a deficit, with the first two resulting in comeback wins. And one of the picks last Sunday was not his fault.

But it’s not as if Cutler’s ability to move on means he doesn’t know that he needs to protect the football. In subsequent interviews following last Sunday’s debacle, Jay said all the right things and seems to be more contrite that he was in the past.

Look, we don’t know how good the Bears are at this point. Perhaps their 3-0 start was a mirage. Alternatively, maybe last week’s loss was an aberration.

One bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch, and one rotten performance doesn’t mean the season is over. Yet the Bears face a tough opponent this Sunday, so Cutler and the Bears’ defense had better be ready.

While the Saints come to town undefeated with their offense riding high, they are not as good of a road team away from the dome. Plus, I question whether their defense, which has played well, is for real.

Still, it will no doubt be the best team the Bears have faced this season, so they will need Cutler playing at his highest level. And I think he will be motivated to do so, as last week was a wake-up call that could spark Jay on to better things this weekend.

For one, I haven’t given up on Cutler or the Bears season, and neither should you.

Yes, this crazy man says so. Crazy as a fox.

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