Chicago Bears Huddle staff picks: Bears vs. Giants

Chicago Bears Huddle staff picks: Bears vs. Giants

The Chicago Bears Huddle staff picks Bears vs. Giants, and like always we asked one fan on Twitter to join us for the week. Here's who we got:

Blake Van Pouke (4-1*)

Bears 35, Giants 14: Yes, the Bears are struggling. But the New York Giants are slowly dying. They lost to a 1-3 Carolina Panthers team 38-0. They’ve given up 30+ points in every game this season, they can't rush the ball, and Eli Manning has four more INTs than TD passes.

It’s an ugly picture for the Giants and the Bears are at home. I expect a bounce-back game for Chicago, and I expect the Giants to be on the clock very, very early in next year’s draft. (What’s up, Jadeveon?)

Darren Doxey (4-1*)

Bears 31, Giants 17: Chicago will find a way to pull it together against this team. Eli likes throwing to defenders and the Bears like picking off QBs like Eli, so this should really be a win-win for both. In all honesty I think the Giants keep it close in the first half, but the Bears will open it up in the second.

Dominique Blanton (4-1)

Bears 24, Giants 13: The Giants’ passing offense is still dangerous with guys like Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz and Ruben Randle, but the Bears’ pass rush should bounce-back in this game against a weak offensive line. On the other side of the ball, Cutler and company should only build on their second-half performance against the Saints.

Matt Eurich (4-1)

Bears 31, Giants 10: This 0-5 New York Giants team is exactly what the Bears need right now. Eli Manning has struggled behind a beaten up offensive line and has already thrown 12 interceptions this season. Their defense has struggled to slow anyone down, giving up at least 30 points in each of their first five games.

Jay Cutler will continue to build off his strong showing from Sunday and should be able to put up good numbers against a struggling Giants defense.

Adam Oestmann (3-2)

Bears 38, Giants 17: The Giants are allowing an average of more than 36 points per game right now, not having held any single opponent to less than 31. That’s worse than the Jags, people. Just as an example, in games not against the New York Giants, the Carolina Panthers are scoring an average of 12 points per game. They put up 38 on New York, as Mr. Blake pointed out above.

Through five games, Eli Manning has been sacked 15 times, has had 13 dropped passes from his receivers, and has thrown a league-worst 12 interceptions. For one reason or the other, this team is in the funkiest of funks.

I won’t quite call this an easy win, but I certainly won’t call it a trap game either. The Giants are struggling and are doing so without a lot of noticeable fight. The Bears should absolutely be able to take care of business at home. If they don’t … well then, Houston, we have a problem.

Fan Prediction (3-2)

Bob Warja (2-3*)

Bears 31, Giants 17: The Bears will cut down on the mistakes and beat a bad Giants team. Simple as that.

. . .

* Each asterisk denotes the number of times a correct score was predicted.

It’s unanimous — the Giants suck.

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