Jay Cutler’s decision to not slide may have been tough, but it was equally stupid

Jay Cutler’s decision to not slide may have been tough, but it was equally stupid

The Bears were in the midst of a fourth quarter drive Sunday night, in hopes of finally slamming the door shut on the Pittsburgh Steelers and moving on to Week-4. With nine minutes, 15 seconds remaining on the clock, Jay Cutler and the Bears were faced with a third-and-ten from their own 26-yard line.

Cutler’s receivers were covered down field and sensing the pressure from the blitz, the QB ran out of the pocket, tucked the ball, crossed the first down marker and instead of sliding and giving himself up, he laid a shoulder right into Steelers safety Robert Golden at the 38-yard line.

NBC’s Cris Collinsworth could hardly contain himself. He praised Cutler for his toughness and even noted that “he’ll gain more respect in that locker room after that one!”

Chicago sports-talk radio stations were littered with callers Monday morning saying such things as, “Dis guys got da fire and da passion!” and “The respect factor for Cutler went way up after that one!”

Did the respect factor for him really go up? Or did Jay Cutler actually make a pretty stupid decision?

I love that Cutler was willing to get himself out of the pocket and was successfully able to pick up the third-down conversion, but after seeing what this team has done in the past when he goes down with an injury, I was not too happy with his decision to not slide.

Tight end Martellus Bennett also did not seem all that happy with Cutler’s decision, telling the Boers & Bernstein Show on 670 The Score Monday night, “It was a great play for him and he got us fired up but he also pissed us off, too.”

Bennett’s frustration likely comes from the fact that he realizes without his starting quarterback, this team is not going to go very far. Since his arrival in 2010, Cutler has missed eight games and his backups have gone a measly 2-6 in his absence.

The frustration does not lie in the fact that Cutler was willing to sacrifice himself to win the game, but the fact that he had already gained the first down and was more than willing to throw his throwing shoulder directly into Golden’s body.

Head Coach Marc Trestman sort of sidestepped the situation saying, “You look at the tape and he had probably crossed the first down by about a couple of yards. He wasn't sure. I think he would have probably slid if he was sure.”

Trestman obviously does not want to throw his quarterback under the bus, but he likely does not want to see a repeat of that play anytime in the near future, either.

During his radio show Monday night on ESPN 1000, Cutler commented on the situation saying, “I'm sorry I'm not sorry” in regards to many having concerns about him potentially getting hurt in that situation.

In the end, the important thing is Cutler was able to pick up the first down and walk away unscathed, but if he continues to put himself in those situations we may end having to see what backup Josh McCown is made of at some point this season.

I’m sorry I’m not sorry, but that is something I definitely do not want to see this season.

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