Chicago Bears Huddle staff picks: Bears vs. Vikings

Chicago Bears Huddle staff picks: Bears vs. Vikings

The Chicago Bears Huddle staff picks Bears-Vikings, and as always we ask one fan on Twitter to join us for the week. Here's who we got:

Blake Van Pouke (1-0*)

Bears 35, Vikings 14: I have absolutely no faith in the passing ability of Christian Ponder. The Bears will stack maybe all eleven guys in the box to slow down Adrian Peterson. As for the Vikings’ defense, they struggled heavily up front in the run and screen game against the Lions and were later torn up in the passing game.

The Bears seem just as equipped to hurt them in the same areas and win this one by a wide margin.

Bob Warja (1-0*)

Bears 31, Vikings 17: If the Bears can stop Adrian Peterson, the game is OVA! Ponder has proven that he is not an NFL-caliber QB. Bears will need to tackle better than they did in game one, and I believe they will.

Darren Doxey (1-0*)

Bears 33, Vikings 17: The Vikings can’t throw the ball with Ponder. Stack the box and let him try. He can’t.

Adam Oestmann (1-0)

Bears 27, Vikings 16: A.P. or not, I’ll take the Bears at home against Marc Trestman’s former team any day. These divisional games are almost always tough-fought, but the Vikings have next to no chance here.

Dominique Blanton (1-0)

Bears 31, Vikings 14: The Vikings are too one-dimensional on offense, and if the Bears’ offense can put up a couple TDs early, Minnesota will have to rely on Christian Ponder’s arm to win the game. A Chicago defensive line that struggled last week would love that.

Look for Forte to have a big game on the ground, with Cutler adding a couple TDs, and the Bears will win this one easily.

Matt Eurich (1-0)

Bears 27, Vikings 13: The top priority come Sunday for the Bears will be slowing down running back Adrian Peterson. In 10 career games against the Bears he has averaged 108 yards rushing per game and at least one touchdown. By slowing down Peterson, the Bears can force the turnover-prone Christian Ponder into making mistakes.

The Vikings’ secondary gave up over 350 yards passing last Sunday against the Detroit Lions with Reggie Bush tallying 90 yards rushing and 101 yards receiving. Matt Forte will likely be the main focal point for the Bears’ offense, and expect the Bears to try and use Alshon Jeffery's 6'2" frame against the smaller (5'10") Josh Robinson.

As long as the offense is able to click like they did in the second half of last Sunday's game against the Cincinnati Bengals, they should have no problems against this Vikings defense. The Vikings have not won in Chicago since 2007, and I do not expect that to change come this Sunday.

Fan Prediction (1-0)

. . .

* Each asterisk denotes the number of times the correct score was predicted.

All Bears for a second-straight week. Let’s see if the staff and the Bears can remain undefeated!

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