Jay Cutler feeling comfortable in new offense

Jay Cutler feeling comfortable in new offense
Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune

Jay Cutler has faced an enormous amount of criticism as the Chicago Bears’ starting quarterback since he arrived here in 2009. He’s been unfairly critiqued at times, while other times have been justified with a lousy performance. Cutler has been through five different offensive coordinators, and he’s onto his third head coach. He’s had to play nearly his entire career with no consistent base to build off of, and he hasn’t had the chance to build cohesiveness within an offense.

His best years came in Denver as a younger, rawer player with tremendous upside. But the Bears have thus far failed to tap into that upside due to the massive change that has happened around him — tack on the fact that he’s played behind some of the worst offensive lines in the league and in systems that have put him in compromising situations. Subsequent injuries have also hurt his production.

Now we come to the present. Marc Trestman is in town, and one of his specific roles as head coach is to help Cutler reach his potential and tremendous upside scouts saw in him coming out of Vandy. And from Cutler’s comments yesterday at practice, he seems more comfortable than he has in years in this new system.

“We’re headed in the right direction,” Cutler said. “Coach Trestman and Kromer, and all of the guys, have done a good job of piling a lot of stuff on us and then limiting it back and trying to figure out what we’re good at and what we can be successful at during the regular season.”

Cutler also praised the young, rookie offensive lineman, Jordan Mills and Kyle Long. “They’ve done a great job,” he said. “They want to be out there. They want to be the two guys starting in Week-1. They’ve done a lot in these last two games to go ahead and hopefully solidify those spots, but we’ll see how it goes.”

Cutler sounds encouraged, and it seems he feels trust in Trestman and Kromer even early on. And it all sounds like maybe the kind of trust Cutler and the coaching staff can build on throughout the season. He also sounds confident about the offensive personnel the Bears are now surrounding him with.

We won't know for certain until we see the product on the field in the regular season, but to have Cutler openly expressing confidence now is a good sign. He feels more at home under this coaching staff and hopefully that will translate to wins for the Bears in the regular season.

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