Chicago Bears' top 10 draft picks of all time

With the NFL Draft fresh in my mind, and the 2013 regular season seemingly light years away, I got to thinking about doing a sort of blast-from-the-past-draft-post, you might say. And I wondered who would rank as the Chicago Bears’ 10 best draft selections of all time.

I had my initial thoughts as to who might be on the list, but wanted to at least try and get a little scientifical (that’s a word, right?) with it, and I thought that just because a draft selection may have gone on to become a Hall of Famer didn’t necessarily equate to him being in the top-10 discussion.

For example, say I have two players, both draft picks and both Hall of Famers, but one was selected No. 1 overall and the other was chosen 160th overall. Even if, in this scenario, our No. 1 overall player really did have the better career, I’m going with Mr. 160th overall as the better pick.

But you also can’t penalize a team for having a top draft selection and simply taking the right guy. So, this won’t be a “best value” post, but value will be a consideration. Okay, I’ll shut up now and get on with it. Oh, and just a little fair warning, there may be a couple of linebackers on this list …


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