Chicago Bears' TE Evan Rodriguez arrested in Miami Beach

Chicago Bears' TE Evan Rodriguez arrested in Miami Beach
Photo: Miami Beach PD

The official report goes something like Evan Rodriguez getting drunk in Miami Beach, hopping in a car (as the passenger, thank the Lord for small favors), being involved in a traffic accident sometime later, mouthing off to a cop about being in the NFL and not needing this (expletive) crap and ultimately getting arrested.

Originally reported by CBS Miami (sounds like one of those forensics shows), the Chicago Bears’ second-year tight end now faces two misdemeanor charges of resisting without violence and disorderly intoxication.

It would not be shocking to see the charges dropped in this case, but he’s not likely to face any serious penalties via litigation in any case. As for the potential penalties he may face from the NFL and/or the Bears, they could turn out to be slightly more severe.

Credit goes to Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times for posting the complete timeline of events as reported by the officer on the scene. Read how Miami Beach PD says it went down here.

The main red flag on Rodriguez coming out of college as a fourth-round draft pick of the Bears in 2012 was a small rap sheet of off-the-field issues, including an alleged altercation involving Rodriguez and a female residence advisor that resulted in felony assault charges (ultimately reduced to disturbance and misdemeanor trespassing).

After transferring to Temple in 2008, Rodriguez didn’t play all of his senior season (2011) after being suspended for “violating team rules.”

Rodriguez was intent on changing his image coming into the NFL, and when I personally interviewed him in June of last year, I had to agree to refrain from asking about anything character-related prior to the chat. I did. That kind of stuff tends to come out on its own.

After turning some heads at Training Camp in 2012, some expected Rodriguez might have seen a bigger role on gameday, especially given the eventual struggles of former Bears’ tight end Kellen Davis. But that never materialized.

I pulled this from my camp notes on Rodriguez: Bears used Evan Rodriguez frequently as a receiver on the right side Saturday—caught everything thrown his way. Exceptional hands. Involving him more than I thought they would be at this point. Not super-fast, but big and sure-handed.

Even with the acquisition of tight end Martellus Bennett, the Bears were expected to offer Rodriguez the opportunity to earn an increased role in 2013. Just what this hiccup does to that opportunity—had it ever existed to begin with—I do not know.

The NFL is a big-boy’s league, and I expect ERod to take his lumps (self-inflicted as they may be), mature and move on. We’ll see how he responds.

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