Brian Urlacher on The Dan Patrick Show 3-22-13

Former Bears’ middle linebacker Brian Urlacher (it still feels weird to say that) appeared on the Dan Patrick show Friday morning and discussed his departure from the team, clarifying how things went down. “Phil Emery said, ‘Here’s this offer. Take it or we’re moving on.’ So my agent said, ‘Well, we have a counter offer.’ And he [Emery] was like, ‘No, this is the offer. Accept it, or we’re going to move on.’”

Urlacher’s agent then told Emery the deal wasn’t going to be accepted and moments later the press release was sent, making it official and, from what Urlacher gleaned, removing the original offer form the table for good. Urlacher called the situation “unfortunate” since his intention was always to retire a Bear. “That’s what I wanted. That’s not an option now. I really thought it would get worked out.”

Watch the video for the interview in its entirety.

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