Bears should explore swapping Draft picks with the 49ers

Bears should explore swapping Draft picks with the 49ers
“Uh ... you wanna do what now, Bob?”

According to multiple reports, the Bears are actively considering the possibility of trading down from their current draft position in the first round in an effort to stockpile more picks. The Bears need volume and feel that they can still get a useful player with a later first-round pick or even an early second round pick and, in the process, secure additional selections.

Consider this quote from Phil Emery to the Chicago Sun-Times: "To put it bluntly, we're open for business. If teams want to approach us about trading back, we're all ears."

With that in mind, may I suggest that the first call be from the San Francisco 49ers? The Niners currently have a league-high 14 picks in this year's Draft, five of which come over the first three rounds. They do not have an unlimited budget, however. So, in an effort to consolidate picks while getting a better player, they trade picks No. 31 (first round) and a third round selection for the Bears’ No. 20.

The Bears could then use the first one to take LSU's Kevin Minter, for example, while adding a third-round pick they otherwise would not have had. SF moves up, while reducing its potential Draft payout, and it becomes a win-win.

Would the Niners be receptive to this? Maybe, maybe not. If not, then Emery could just shuffle things around somewhat. If they balk at a first and third just to move up 11 places, then they swap spots in another round or toss the Bears a fourth-round bone. Look, there are lots of possibilities, but only one No. 20 selection.

The Bears need linebackers and offensive linemen. And Emery wants to take advantage of the Draft's strong secondary. In other words, with lots of needs and only five picks, the Bears really could use some additional selections.

Emery currently does not have a third- or seventh-round pick and knows his team is up against the salary cap. He also realizes that the most inexpensive and effective way to build a team is through the Draft. Hey, it's a simple equation that even I can understand: the Niners have an abundance of picks and the Bears want more.

It's a match made in heaven. Or, in this case, Radio City Music Hall.

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