Ravens' run gives Bears fans hope

Ravens' run gives Bears fans hope
Are the stars are aligning for Cutler to have a Flacco-esque run and bring the Lombardi back to Chicago?

As soon as Ray Lewis began his monologue after winning Super Bowl XLVII, I immediately asked myself if the Chicago Bears could go on a similar run in 2013 and also win their second Super Bowl in franchise history. And if you really sit down and take a comparative look at these two teams, their makeup is rather similar.

Much like Baltimore, Chicago has a defense that is usually above average but tends to get worn out due to a lackluster offense. Both teams have wildly inconsistent QBs with wildly uncommon talent. The difference is that, in Cutler’s case, he’s had a terrible offensive line and few weapons. Flacco has had consistent weapons.

But as soon as the Ravens hired Jim Caldwell, things improved for Flacco, and he took his game to another level. New Bears’ head coach Marc Trestman just might be the guy to help Cutler realize his potential in the same way. If that happens, and barring offensive line improvement, Chicago’s offense could be ready to catch its own brand of fire.

The Ravens’ run gives Bears fans hope. The offense has been the hometown Achilles’ heel for more seasons than I have fingers to count, and if any team over the years could have put together a consistent offense, the defense had certainly been there to help give them a real shot. It could have happened in Super Bowl XLI, and it could have propelled the Bears past the Packers in 2010.

But it didn’t. The hope now is that change is on the horizon.

Additionally, the Bears own, less checkered version of Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher, could be another piece of the puzzle. If the Bears re-sign him this offseason, who knows, maybe he tells the team this will be his last run, and maybe, just maybe, they make the push for No. 54. Do I think it’ll work? Not really. But at this point, I’m game for whatever.

First it was Derrick Rose who said, "Why can’t I be MVP? Why can’t I be the best player in the League?" He then became MVP. After that, it was Eli Manning who declared he was as good as Brady. He then went on to beat Brady for a second time in the Super Bowl. Now it’s Joe Flacco. He claimed he was the best quarterback in the League and is a Super Bowl MVP.

Which can only mean one thing, right? Jay Cutler needs to come out and proclaim his rightful place among the League’s current greats and it will propel him into becoming one. Guaranteed! Okay, bad joke. But hey, I think we’re all desperate to see the Bears finally win another championship.

Barring a defensive disaster this year, Chicago should automatically be a bigger threat with an offensive-minded head coach running the show. With Trestman and Kromer, you will likely see a new offensive line as well. And it CANNOT get ANY worse … right?

But Marc Trestman is not married to Jay Cutler, and if Cutler struggles this season, 2014 could be a new era for Chicago. Flacco is about to get PAID, and one would think that thought has run through Jay’s mind. If he were to come out and win a championship it would be "Straight Cash Homie" for him all the time.

Let us also not forget how well a change of offensive schemes midseason worked for Joe Flacco. Now that the QB Whisperer is in town, the stars are aligning for Cutler to have a Flacco-esque run and bring the Lombardi back to Chicago. I am a firm believer that if the Bears had an offense during the Lovie Smith era, they would have won a Super Bowl.

These teams aren't off the exact same production line, but they are similar models. And Cutler’s potential outweighs Flacco’s.

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