Jay Cutler: The line between perception and reality

Jay Cutler: The line between perception and reality

“Jay Cutler Proposes to Girlfriend through the Mail”—or via text, depending on what you read—became a popular headline on sports and entertainment websites across the internet Wednesday afternoon after comments Cutler’s fiancé Kristin Cavallari made to E! Online went viral.

The snippets leaked out from her E! interview had Cavallari saying, “He sent my ring in the mail. So I actually had my ring sitting at home for a couple of weeks before I put it on.”

She later clarified, via her Twitter account, by saying: “Oh people. Jay purposed in Cabo and it was very romantic. You’ll have to watch my E! special to hear.”

After spending some time reading the “stories” I started to think to myself, why do we even care? I understand the connection with Cutler being the Chicago Bears’ quarterback, but why do we seem to care so much about what happens in his personal life?

As a fan, I am less interested in how Cutler is perceived than I am in how he performs on the field.

Unfortunately, though, perception has become reality for Cutler in recent years, and although his performance on the field has been less than stellar at times, a few missteps here and there have forced perception to the forefront.

Earlier this week Forbes released its list of America’s Most Disliked Athletes, and coming in at number four behind Lance Armstrong, Manti Te’o and Tiger Woods was Jay Cutler.

Lumped into the same grouping as an admitted steroid user, an admitted liar, and an admitted adulterer, sits a guy who, as far as we know, has never had any trouble beyond mistakes on the field.

The Forbes piece goes on to say about Cutler, “Fair or not, the sight of Cutler riding a stationary bike on the Bears’ sideline after pulling himself from a 2011 playoff game still lingers as a symbol of softness.”

The quote proves how perception has become reality, where it claims Cutler pulled himself from the game when in actuality he suffered a sprained MCL and was unable to return—not allowed to return in point of fact—yet many still want to latch on to that perception as being a reality.

2013 is a big year for Cutler with a contract set to expire at the end of the season and a new head coach who has been noncommittal on whether or not Cutler is the team’s franchise quarterback.

Regardless of the perception of his personal life and the way he conducts himself on the sidelines on Sundays, many coaches and experts from all around the League feel that Cutler has all the tools to be an elite quarterback.

Let’s just hope for 2013 he can make that perception into reality.

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