Clady says a move to the Bears ain't happening

Clady says a move to the Bears ain't happening

Denver Broncos’ free agent left tackle Ryan Clady took to his Twitter account on Tuesday in response to a Bears fan who had asked if he would be interested in a move to Chicago. Clady’s response seemed to leave no room for confusion, saying simply, “Not happening man.”

The fact that the fan mentioned Jay Cutler in the original tweet led a few tweeps, at least those on my timeline, to take Clady’s matter-of-fact response as a shot at the Bears’ QB.


It’s certainly possible that Clady would have issues moving from a team that rocketed into the playoffs with Peyton Manning at the helm to a team that missed them with Jay Cutler steering an all too often sinking ship. But it’s not fair to infer as to his motives when it’s been apparent all offseason that Clady intends to re-sign in Denver and that Denver intends to re-sign him.

The left tackle will undergo surgery this offseason but is expected back before the start of the 2013 regular season. Even if he and Denver can’t negotiate on a deal, the Broncos will—without a doubt—franchise tag him.

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