West coast offense, here we come

West coast offense, here we come
Time to let Marc Trestman do his job and allow the chips to fall where they may.

John Lennon once sang, “Give Peace a Chance.” I suggest Bears fans sing, “Give Marc Trestman a Chance.” Now that the initial hand-wringing and furor over the hiring of Marc Trestman has subsided somewhat, it’s time to look at what affect he will have on the Bears as a whole, but most notably the offense. It’s also time to give the man a chance.

Trestman was brought in to fix an ailing Bears’ offense that ranked 28th in the NFL last season and never ranked higher than 15th during Lovie Smith’s tenure. It was an “out of the box” hiring by Phil Emery, and Trestman is considered a QB guru. He will run a west coast style of offense, which was popularized by Bill Walsh and is a pass-first approach utilizing quick, short passes that are designed to open up the threat of the long pass downfield.

Many coaches have used variations of the west coast offense over the years, with success. Besides Walsh, who had success developing it with Cincinnati and later as head coach of the 49ers, George Siefert won a couple of Super Bowls using it with the Niners as did Mike Shanahan with the Broncos. Others who won Super Bowls using a variation of this offense were Mike Holmgren and Jon Gruden.

Most recently, Andy Reid had many winning seasons with the Eagles employing that offense. One way in which it should benefit the Bears is the fact that it is easier to pass block because the QB gets rid of the ball quickly because the routes are shorter. Cutler’s ability to throw while on the run, as well as the deep threat that his rocket arm poses should all combine to make this a winning formula.

As for who Trestman’s assistant coaches might be, Adam Schefter’s report earlier naming Aaron Kromer the offensive coordinator and the line coach answers that question. Defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli is expected to remain on Trestman’s staff, which is a good thing because it will maintain the continuity of a defense that ranked fifth in the league last year.

Cutler, meanwhile, doubts Jeremy Bates will stay, though his familiarity with the west coast offense and his relationship with Cutler and Brandon Marshall make me hope he will stick around. I’m fairly certain that Mike Tice is a goner.

Additionally, reports have surfaced which indicate Cowboys’ ST coordinator Joe DeCamillis could be on his way to the Bears. Camillis is a well-respected coach, and an ideal fit to replace Dave Toub.

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