The culture is changing at Halas Hall, so get used to it, Meatballs

The culture is changing at Halas Hall, so get used to it, Meatballs
John J. Kim, Chicago Tribune

Okay, seriously, calm down, meatballs. Trestman is a legit National Football League coach. He turned Rich Gannon from journeyman QB to MVP. His average offensive passing yards rank is 11th. The Bears haven't ever finished 11th. For the first time in franchise history, Chicago is entering the 21st century and will actually value offense.

Holy Ditka, it’s a miracle.

Please, save me your knee-jerk reaction about how the Bears should of hired Cowher or some other bad, old defensive-minded coach who wants to run the ball 40 times a game and play defense. How’s that working out for the coaches who still try to do it? Oh yeah, they get fired (*cough, cough … Lovie Smith*).

Defense isn't irrelevant, but offense is more important. All the playoff teams remaining have the ability to score points at will. The Bears don’t. But they will.

The Patriots are a finely tuned machine. They can run the ball and throw it over your head with ease. The 49ers are running based, but now with Kaeperknick, the threat to pass is there. They run a real offense, and Kaep is running all over fools with the read option. They score a lot of points.

Same with the Ravens and Falcons. Flacco is maturing right in front of our eyes with the right weapons around him. Matt Ryan and the Falcons score a lot of points. In fact, he may have more weapons at every position than any quarterback in the League.

Not to mention that whole tight end position thing. It’s coming into use in the NFL playoffs everywhere you look.

Welcome the west coast offense to Chicago. FINALLY. A real offensive mind is in charge at Halas Hall. In Phil Emery we trust—or at least I do.

Kromer is a great hire as well. The fact that the Saints have had one of the best offensive lines over the last few years is more proof that Kromer is a great hire. He is the offensive coordinator/offensive line coach—AKA, offensive line coach only. Trestman will call the plays, and that is what the Bears need.

Meatball nation, you guys need an enema. Fire and passion is a BS theory. It doesn't mean squat in big-boy football. You know what does? Winning. And scoring points. Get this stone age mentality out of your peanut brains and go away.

Please, Marc, if there's one thing you do, do NOT go out there and say "our first goal is to beat the Packers.” Don't feed these fools who are already bashing you. If the Bears lost to the Packers in a blow-out every year, but won the Super Bowl and made the playoffs, I wouldn't care. The only thing that matters are championships.

You need to win this press conference like Phil Emery did after firing Lovie.

New special teams coach Joe DeCamillis, now there is your "fire and passion" guy. So just pay attention to him if that makes you happy.

This makes for an interesting state of the Bears. Trestman is the quarterback whisperer. Can he break down and rebuild Jay Cutler? Will Cutler have enough respect to allow Trestman to do so? That it the interesting part.

Jay will need an extension this year. But what happens if Jay struggles the first half of the season? Will he deserve a contract? If there's another half-and-half year from Cutler, you can’t justify paying him big money. For a guy who’s turning 30, having shown no real signs of improving mechanically … what now?

It wouldn't surprise me if the Bears take a QB in the Draft who fits the west coast system at some point.

But, at the same time, Jay could possibly end up coming out and lighting the League on fire with Trestman like many have before.  I think the Bears are in the position to figure out how to improve the offensive line this season, which would instantly make Jay better.

This system should be something that Jay Cutler fits in well if you were to ask me. With Alshon having another training camp under his belt, he would, in theory, improve. If Alshon takes the step Julio Jones did in his sophomore season, the Bears’ offense will be nasty next year at wide receiver.

Tight end is something Trestman will obviously want to improve. Expect the Bears to either go out and sign a tight end or draft one.

Phil Emery did exactly what he said he was going to do: Explore every option and hire the best possible coach he could. Personally, I think the Bears got him. For you meatballs screaming for Cowher and defense, don’t worry about it. The defense isn't going to get smoked every game—too much talent for that.

But the culture is changing at Halas Hall, so get used to it.

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