No love for Lovie, no job for Jerry

No love for Lovie, no job for Jerry
According to reports, Lovie Smith is prepared to sit the 2013 season out for anything less than a head coaching position.

For fans who like to keep up on former Bears’ GMs and head coaches, the immediate future looks bleak for our past leaders. Ex-GM Jerry Angelo is apparently not being considered as a finalist for the New York Jets’ GM vacancy, and Lovie Smith would rather stay home than work as a defensive coordinator.

This news should be no surprise to Bears fans who have endured five of the past six years without making the playoffs and years of poor drafts under Angelo, especially his early-round picks. While his free agent signings, most notably Julius Peppers, were not quite as bad, and his trade for Jay Cutler was applauded at the time, Angelo’s drafts were awful.

He was named GM in 2001, and he led his first draft in 2002. His first-round selection that year was Marc Columbo, an offensive tackle out of Boston College who played in only 19 games over four years due to injury. His first-round pick the following year was the infamous DE Michael Haynes, who was the 14th pick out of Penn State. Stars such as Troy Polamalu, Willis McGahee, Dallas Clark, Larry Johnson and others were picked after Haynes.

In 2004 he took Tommie Harris who was really good from 2005 to 2007. But in 2005 he grabbed Cedric Benson and in 2008 he took Chris Williams. In ’09 he chose Jarron Gilebert, who played in four games with the Bears and was released after one season.

As for Lovie Smith, he interviewed for the Bills and Eagles job but didn’t get either one. He is apparently prepared to stay home if he cannot land a head coaching job this offseason. After all, he will get paid $5 million by the Bears to do that, and so I can’t really blame him. One thing we know for sure is that you won’t find him on TV as a talking head.

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