Just say no to Tebow

Just say no to Tebow
Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune

Look, Bears fans, I'm going to do my best to end this rumor before it gets legs. Tim Tebow to the Bears is not only a bad idea, it's toxic. So why even bring it up? Well, because it seems to be getting quite a bit of traction in the press, and I'm on a mission to end the speculation.

Sure, it's understandable—on many levels—why the rumors are circulating. For one, Tebow is expected to be released by the Jets soon, so he may be looking for a job.

And guess who owns the Canadian rights to Tebow? You got it, the Montreal Alouettes, who just so happen to be the team that Trestman coached in the CFL. Additionally, Trestman coached Tebow coming out of college, and according to many sources, he was able to improve the QB’s mechanics in a short period of time.

ESPN's Michael C. Wright noted that Trestman once said: "If you're a coach and you love coaching quarterbacks, you'd love the opportunity to develop Tim Tebow." Furthermore, the Bears just named Matt Cavanaugh as QB coach. Cavanaugh worked for the Jets the past four years and spent last year with Tebow.

Yet despite all this evidence, just say NO! An emphatic "NO," by the way. Why? Because Tebow can't play quarterback. He runs hard, works hard and is in incredible shape and very strong. But that could also be said of your local fitness trainer, and you wouldn't want him quarterbacking your beloved Bears.

Meanwhile, there seems to be a concerted effort by the national media to find a Tebow story when there really isn't one. And even when there is, who cares? Look, this has nothing to do with his religious beliefs or his "Tebowing." In fact, he seems like a genuinely good kid. But all he would do is create controversy and turmoil. He would likely end up being used as a running back, making the Bears predictable on offense, since opposing defenses would know the Bears were going to run the ball whenever Tebow stepped on the field.

Yes, he's been a winner, but with the Bears all he would be is a backup. And a huge distraction. The coaching staff would have to draw up specific packages for Tebow, taking valuable time away from the work Trestman and his staff already have committed with Cutler.

And can you imagine what would happen if Cutler got hurt and Tebow came in and led the Bears to victory? We don't need another QB controversy in Chicago, especially when the backup can't throw the ball.

Just say no.

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