Holmgren perfect fit for Cutler and the Bears

Holmgren perfect fit for Cutler and the Bears

Rumors, being what they are on Twitter these days, are circulating that Mike Holmgren may have some interest in the Bears’ head coaching vacancy. Now, I don’t know if those rumors are true or not, and I don’t really care. The point I’d like to make is that the Bears should be interested in Mike Holmgren.

Phil Emery said he intends to continue building around Jay Cutler, and he needs to hire a coach who can get the most out of his gunslinger. And no one, arguably, got more out of their gunslinger in NFL history than Holmgren did out of Brett Favre.

Jay Cutler is . . . basically an unlikeable Brett Favre. Yeah, I know, no one likes Favre anymore, but before technology made it so easily tempting to send pictures of your junk to everyone, he was likeable.

Like Favre, Cutler has no problem throwing into triple coverage, off his back foot, trying to make something out of nothing all the time. He’s the definition of a gunslinger. He has to arm to make every throw on the field. It’s just sometimes, he shouldn’t try to.

Holmgren is used to that. He took Favre and made him great, and he knows how to manage a cocky QB.

Remember the famous line when Holmgren told Favre, “No more rocket-balls please?” Sounds like what Bears fans already yell at their TV sets on Sunday anyway. Phil Emery needs to hire someone who can help Jay evolve and become the elite quarterback his physical talents say he can be.

Holmgren knows QBs. He worked as a quarterbacks coach for the 49ers from 1986-88, became the offensive coordinator in 1989, and finally became a head coach and won a championship with the Green Bay Packers and Brett Favre in Super Bowl XXXI.

Some of Favre’s most impressive seasons came under Holmgren.

Cutler doesn’t need a coach who will pamper him. He needs someone he will follow and respect. In my opinion, Holmgren could be a coach Cutler would listen to. A coach with a proven track record, a coach with a ring, might make Jay at least consider his advice. Holmgren wouldn't take any crap either.

Regardless of interest, Holmgren makes sense for the Bears on a number of levels. If Emery wants someone who can make the playoffs consistently, be a smart offensive mind, and is a proven winner, that’s Holmgren.

He made the playoffs seven-straight seasons in Green Bay, and is a Super Bowl champ. He made the playoffs for another five-straight seasons in Seattle with Matt Hasslebeck.

Holmgren has 13 playoff wins in 24 Games, three NFC championships, three Super Bowl appearances and three rings (one with the Packers as a head coach, two with the Niners as QBs coach and offensive coordinator).

That’s a heck of a lot more than the Bears can boast during the Super Bowl era.

People will say that he’s been away from the game too long, but I’d disagree. The only question in my mind is whether or not Holmgren would be okay by not having total control of football operations . . .

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