NFL fans rejoice, Samsung Galaxy Note II scores extra points

NFL fans rejoice, Samsung Galaxy Note II scores extra points

As you guys and gorgeous gals are aware, I scored a deal with Verizon Wireless this NFL season to continue my Chicago Bears coverage while using some of their products and offering my honest to goodness opinions on them.

Through the deal, we were able to let you in on an autograph signing with Matt Forte, an opportunity for your child to bring Roberto Garza to school for show and tell, a meet-and-greet with D.J. Moore, a Super Bowl Sweepstakes, Big Ten tickets and even an opportunity to win your own brand-new new smart phone.

Among other things.

I’ve been happy to share those opportunities with you, and pleased with the products I’ve received in the process. But the absolute apotheosis of this program came in the mail just a few weeks ago when I took delivery of a shiny new Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Let’s get a couple things out on the table right now—and for those of you wondering what in the hell this has to do with either the Chicago Bears or the NFL, don’t worry, I’ll get there—I am an iPhone guy. I’m on my second one through AT&T, and I’ve had nothing but nice things to say about it for the last two years.

Another on-the-table necessity is that I make it clear to you that I would never try to sell you a product on this blog that I didn’t like. Having said that . . .

If there was ever a phone designed to break me free of the Apple chains that bind me, it’s this one. To be perfectly honest, I’ve always found phones the size of the Note to be gaudy and undue. But Samsung outdid themselves, creating a product that bridges the gap between tablet and phone, while keeping it incredibly sleek, sophisticated and refined.

My biggest objections to Android powered devices in the past, as compared to the iPhone, have been the lower-resolution screens and irrelative ease of use. The Note II voids both complaints.

The high definition screen is nothing short of stunning, and the operating system is perfectly intelligent. The built-in pen does the things your stubby little sausage fingers just can’t. And the Air View feature, which can expand your file library for quick viewing, is actually more useful than it is neat.

The installed S-Voice feature side-by-side with the iPhone’s Siri is easily as useful if not more refined. Where the iPhone used to soar above the rest of the pack in terms of photos and media, the Note II blows it out of the metaphorical water. The 3-D gallery, Photo Note option, Best Face option and pre-installed Paper Artist app are just a few example of its superiority.

And, finally, what makes the device perfect for a football guy like me, and why Verizon is so integral in making the experience what it is, are the NFL Mobile app, the 4G LTE speed and the hotspot features.

Since entering this program with Verizon, the NFL Mobile app, only available on Verizon mind you, has easily been the most useful feature in my day-to-day coverage of the Chicago Bears. Part of doing the job is also doing the homework, and being able to keep up with the rest of the League wherever I am is invaluable.

And, in today’s day and age, when it seems like everyone is a fantasy G.M., that usefulness extends to every fantasy football and NFL fan in the world. And watching football on the go on a 5.5” HD Super AMOLED screen is simply remarkable.

You can bet that this weekend when the Bears take on the Loins, needing to win in order to stay alive, hoping for a Packers’ victory later in the afternoon, no matter what I have to do, or where I have to be, I’ll be able to keep up with to-the-minute info on the NCF and NFL playoff picture.

Thanks, Verizon.

For more information on the Note II and its features go here. Then go here and buy it. Trust me.

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Midwest Fans Program and have been provided with wireless devices and five months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the products.


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