Lovie Smith deserves to be fired, but will he?

Lovie Smith deserves to be fired, but will he?
John J. Kim, Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Bears have entered self-destruct mode. Lovie Smith's ticket out of town should already be on hold at the airport desk. As a fan, I am, and think you should, root for a total collapse.

It’s happened again. The Bears have fallen apart in December. Under head coach Lovie Smith, the Bears are .500 (18-18) during the month of December, but they haven’t won a game in that portion of the season since 2010. And in 2008, when they needed one win to get into the playoffs against the Houston Texans, they choked.

Lovie is not a great head coach. He’s led this team off a cliff, falling hard and fast from a 7-1 start to looking like a team that won’t win enough games make the postseason. And this time, he had his starting quarterback while it happened. For the first time, I think I’m happy to see the Bears lose.

At some point, the head coach needs to be exterminated. There is always a built-in excuse for Lovie as he talks down to the fans like they’re idiots, when he has yet to prove his own worth. How many offensive coordinators does this guy get to blame? Nine years and the Bears haven't won anything.

It’s time to hold Smith accountable.

Next year is the last on Lovie’s contract. It makes perfect sense to cut ties with him and start fresh while the defense is entering a retirement stage, and with a new general manager at the helm. But will it actually happen?

Word from people inside Halas Hall is that Phil Emery is really running the show. It’s not Michael or George McCaskey. Virginia isn't sitting on her mystic mountain, playing puppet master with the Bears front office anymore. Emery contractually has the power to fire Lovie Smith should he chose to do so. Believe it.

But even if he pulls the trigger, will he bring in a group of no-names, or does he go out and court a Jon Gruden or a Bill Cowher? I just don’t know.

The deal is this: if the Bears fire Lovie, they have to get someone who isn't going to try to run an outdated style of football. There is ZERO offensive direction under Lovie Smith. Take a team like the Patriots; Bill Belichick wasn't an offensive coach, he was defensive minded. But now, his team is entirely offensive based, and they win championships.

Name one thing Lovie has done for this offense? Oh, yeah, you’re right; he’s the reason Devin Hester is in his fifth season as a wide receiver. Great move, Lovie. (Can you read the sarcasm or not? Because I can lay it on thicker . . .) Oh yeah, he’s the guy who knew, before anyone else, that Kellen Davis was an elite tight end. Right . . .

Not to mention his falling out with Ron Rivera, after which his defense got worse and worse. Then, once he took it over again, it got even worse. He fires every offensive coordinator he hires, only to replace them with another bum. Those are HIS guys that HE, Lovie Smith, wanted to run his offense.

There’s a trend here . . . Why didn't Smith put his foot down in the Angelo years, and demand an offensive line? Something tells me he just doesn't understand what an offense needs to be successful.

Under Smith, the Bears won’t enter the modern day NFL. They will continue to run a defense that needs the 2005 version of Brian Urlacher and the 2007 version of Tommie Harris to function correctly, and he will continue to neglect the offense. His style of defense won’t win a championship anymore. It doesn't work against Super Bowl teams like the Patriots. I’ve said it for years, and I will continue to say it.

At what point does Lovie’s stubborn attitude get him fired? Can it FINALLY be this year? Or will there be some bad excuse about injuries derailing his season?

And what in Bears’ history makes any of us think that a coach like Jon Gruden would get brought in to be the next head coach of your Chicago Bears? Absolutely nothing. In fact, Dave Toub might be the most likely successor.

Phil Emery gives me hope as a fan that change will happen if the Bears were to miss the playoffs. But Lovie has survived like a cockroach. I’m beginning to think that in the event of a nuclear apocalypse the only things left would be Twinkies and Lovie Smith holding a clipboard up at Halas Hall.

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