Bears-Vikings game predictions

Here are the game predictions for Week-14, Bears at Vikings, from the crew here at Chicago Bears Huddle:

Adam Oestmann (9-3) 75%

Bears 27, Vikings 17 My gut tells me the Vikings will win. Sorry. But the part of me that wants to grab my gut by the small intestine and strangle it to death, says Cutler beats Ponder; end of story. I’m going to go with that guy, because I like him better.

Darren Doxey (8-4) 66%

Vikings 28, Bears 24 Adrian Peterson will control the clock all game, leaving Cuter and Marshall without enough time to catch up.

Blake Van Poucke (7-2) 77%

Bears 27, Vikings 17 Even with the injures the Bears will have to deal with, Jay Cutler and this offense have always been able to find success against the Vikings. If the Bears can limit the damage A.P. will inevitably cause, they can again keep the Minnesota offense at bay and beat these guys twice in three weeks.

Curtis Shaw Flagg (3-2) 60%

Bears 18, Vikings 18 Yes, that is correct, a tie. This one gets ugly as the Bears face the first true pass rush test since losing Lance Louis. Adrian Peterson looks more like a drone missile on the field than a human being. However, both Chicago and Minnesota sputter into an overtime draw. *In their last meeting at Minnesota, the Vikings held Chicago's offense to 117 yards passing and 92 yards on the ground. And that was with Josh McCown. Nonetheless; the Bears were able to put up 17 points, held Christian Ponder to 28 passing yards and one interception in a 17-10 win.*

Dominique Blanton (9-3) 75%

Bears 24, Vikings 20 The Bears’ defense fails to contain Adrian Peterson, but the offense is able to put up enough points to help out a struggling defense.

Ryan Wooden (0-0)

Bears 24, Vikings 13 Even with the Bears being banged up, Jay Cutler is just playing too well. The return of Alshon Jeffery will only aid that. Christian Ponder has turned into the new “Checkdown Charlie” and that simple will not get it done.

Fan Prediction (1-2) 33%
Each week (started in Week-11) I ask Bears fans on Twitter to send me their game predictions, so I can include the first one that comes my way on the blog and get the rest of you involved a little bit. Here’s Ryan Berger’s prediction:

Bears 34, Vikings 16 Marshall will go for two TDs, Forte and Bush—if Bush plays—will each go for one TD, and Gould kicks two field goals en route to a Bears’ victory.

Looks like the Bears get the benefit of the doubt six to one in an average score of 27-17.


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