Bears-Seahawks game predictions

Here are the game predictions for Week-13, Seahawks at Bears, from the crew here at Chicago Bears Huddle:

Adam Oestmann (9-2)

Bears 17, Seahawks 10 The Seahawks haven’t been blown out once this season, and while I expect them to lose against the Bears on the road, it will be a close game. The Bears need only to shut down Marshawn Lynch on defense and commit to the run on offense. The wild-card factor here is whether or not that makeshift offensive line can continue to play well and allow the Bears success in any facet on offense.

Darren Doxey (8-3)

Bears 34, Seahawks 24 The Seahawks’ defense continues to struggle on the road, and, much like against Miami, they don’t get consistent pressure on the quarterback.

Blake Van Poucke (7-1)

Bears 27, Seahawks 17 The Seahawks are a year or two away from being a serious contender in the NFC. But right now they can’t win on the road and still have a young, developing QB. Seattle also has some distractions coming into this game. Bears should find a way to win at home.

Curtis Shaw Flagg (3-1)

Bears 28, Seahawks 16 Chicago keeps its stride as Cutler plays his second consecutive game since suffering a concussion. Lance Louis' absence will be felt, as Cutler will see more exotic blitz packages; it will be at the expense of the league's best secondary and Brandon Marshall will see more one-on-one coverage than he has had all season. Russell Wilson continues his streak of efficiency, but the Bears contain "Beast Mode", holding the running back to double digit yards, but a Red Zone TD.

Dominique Blanton (9-2)

Bears 24, Seahawks 10 The passing offense is contained by the Seahawks’ secondary but Forte and Bush should have big games against a suspect run defense. The Bears’ defense will shut down Lynch and put pressure on Wilson all afternoon.

Rashawn Franklin (9-2)

Bears 17, Seahawks 9 I can’t see the Bears losing at home to a rookie quarterback. It should be a low scoring game. Chicago will find a way to sneak this one out. The Bears’ defense scores a touchdown in this one.

Fan Prediction (1-1)

Each week (started in Week-11), I ask Bears fans on Twitter to send me their game predictions, so I can include the first one that comes my way on the blog and get the rest of you involved a little bit. Here’s Christian Van Lopik’s prediction:

Bears 28, Seahawks 17 I think it will be a tougher game than people expect, but the Bears will keep the run game going and stop Marshawn Lynch.

Looks like another unanimous decision (Bears have been a good pick to win this season), calling for a Bears’ victory at home in an average score of 25-15.

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