Bears-Cardinals game predictions

Here are the game predictions for Week-16, Bears at Cardinals, from the crew here at Chicago Bears Huddle:

Adam Oestmann (10-4) 71%

Bears 17, Cardinals 6 If Jay-Frickin’-Cutler can’t go down to Arizona and put up more points than Ryan Lindley when his season is on the line, Bears fans have bigger things to worry about than what Brian Urlacher thinks about them.

Darren Doxey (9-5) 64%

Bears 24, Cardinals 10 As bad as the Bears have been, the Cards are terrible. Arizona's defense will wear down and get beat.

Blake Van Poucke (8-3) 73%

Bears 20, Cardinals 7 The Bears have found success in these types of games. Their defense thrives against turnover-prone quarterbacks, and against one of the most inaccurate quarterbacks in the League that trend should continue. Low scoring, defensively dominated game.

Curtis Shaw Flagg (3-3) 50%

Bears 32, Cardinals 21 The Bears get back to winning ways against the bottom feeding Cardinals. Matt Forte has a career day against one of league's worst rushing defenses. Jay stays upright and the Bears' defense takes care of Larry Fitzgerald. They won't say they are looking ahead, but they are. Everything must fall into place in order for Chicago to make the playoffs; winning is the only thing they can control.

Fan Prediction (1-4) 20%
Each week (started in Week-11) I ask Bears fans on Twitter to send me their game predictions, so I can include the first one that comes my way on the blog and get the rest of you involved a little bit. Here’s Stephy U's prediction:

Bears 24, Cardinals 6 WOOP WOOP!

There you have it. Bears get the nod in a unanimous decision.

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