The Bears are always just good enough to break your heart

The Bears are always just good enough to break your heart
Photos of a Bears' QB not surrounded by at least two defensive lineman are a rare commodity this season. — John J. Kim, Chicago Tribune

To the Jay Cutler detractors: now can you see what he’s working with up front?

When Cutler went down last season, it was all about how bad Caleb Hanie is; and he is bad. But given Jason Campbell’s performance against the 49ers on Monday night, maybe people will realize just how much Cutler makes things happen in spite of an awful offense.

Why can’t the Bears ever find offensive linemen with a pulse? Regardless, this season is a wash.

The Bears continue to get killed up front by the better teams in the League. What are they going to do if they run into the Giants, 49ers, or Packers again in the postseason? Exactly what you’ve seen; the QB will be running for his life while J'Marcus Webb and Gabe Calamari get bowled over.

This team will win just enough games to get killed in the postseason by a real team, and they will cleat-stomp your little football-shaped heart in the process.

So, who’s at fault? Well, the consistent trend is that the offensive line blows chunks. Jerry Angelo is gone, although these are still his guys, but there is another man in the picture who needs to start being held accountable. His name is Lovie Smith.

The common denominator in this equation is Lovie. Right, wrong, or indifferent, when all else fails, cut out the only remaining link to the mediocrity over the last 12 seasons. His offensive line has regressed during his time in Chicago, and at some point, not winning championships will have to make him accountable and carry us into the post Lovie Smith era.

Now, I am not saying fire Lovie right now. But a trend is a trend.

Gabe Carimi has been beyond awful. Somehow he’s managed to play worse than Webb ever has. If someone has even a tiny bit of speed, he can’t handle it. Talk about a major disappointment. How in the world can a first-round Draft pick be that bad? And why do the Bears have to have the worst two tackles in football starting on the same offensive line?

Someone has to be benched, and hopefully that someone is Carimi.

People ought to finally be realizing that Jay Cutler is not the problem. The Bears could have Joe Montana, Peyton Manning behind this line, and they wouldn't score points. Peyton would be paralyzed, and Joe would have just died. Franchises don't start with the QB. Everything starts in the trenches.

The fact that Jay Cutler can continue to make plays behind this line is a mystery. How he is even upright and walking is even more of a mystery. If I was Jay, I’d just beat myself repeatedly upside the head with something heavy just to be concussed the rest of the year.

Please, get the words "Super Bowl" out of your head. Just be lucky enough to maybe see the Bears in the playoffs. Maybe they luck out and play some bum team like the 2010 Seahawks again. Then they will be just good enough again to lose a big game. This team is not championship equipped.

You have an Elite WR, an Elite RB (most of the time), and a quarterback who can only be elite if his line decides to block occasionally.

Gabe Carimi flirting with bust status is a huge setback for this franchise. Next year the Bears will have a crappy first-round pick again and will have to take another tackle—their third since 2008 when they got Chris Williams. Pathetic.

Something has got to give. The Bears will win 10-11 games this year, but please, don’t be fooled. This team is really a 9-7 team that can’t beat teams like Green Bay, New York, or—God forbid—the Patriots if they were to even somehow make it to the Super Bowl.

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