Staff Picks Bears-Titans

Adam Oestmann (6-1)

Bears 34, Titans 20 Here’s my game summary in a nutshell: the Bears are a better football team than the Titans. Just last week, the Titans only allowed a season-low 19 points against the Colts and still found a way to lose in overtime. The Bears, on the other hand, struggled mightily for three quarters against a then 1-5 Carolina Panthers team and pulled out a big win in the fourth quarter.

Good teams find a way to win despite a poor performance, bad teams squander opportunities. It’s why the Panthers are still a bad team despite a decent showing against the Bears, and it’s why the Titans are a few seasons off from turning things around in Music City, USA.

Darren Doxey (5-2)

Bears 31, Titans 13 If the Bears can light up the Titans’ secondary like I think they can, “Houston, we have a problem.”

Curtis Shaw Flagg (3-0)

Bears 37, Titans 9 The Bears’ offense shows up, but Cutler takes a sack and another pick six against one of the NFL's worst defenses. The Bears' defense continues to lower opponent’s points per game average.

Any given Sunday but this one for Tennessee. Bears rout.

Blake Van Poucke (4-0)

Bears 24, Titans 13 It’s about time the Bears’ offense comes back to life against a very below average Tennessee defense. The Bears will have to be able to contain the run, and if they can, things could get out of hand quickly. Let’s just hope they’re not looking past this game to Houston.

Dominique Blanton (6-1)

Bears 17, Titans 10 I just can’t trust the Bears’ offense for the first three quarters of the game enough to predict a big performance, even if it is against a bad Tennessee defense.

Rashawn Franklin (6-1)

Bears 35, Titans 6 Before the toughest two-week stretch of the Bears' schedule, Chicago ventures back in to Jay Cutler's college town. He has a major day against the struggling Titans and the Bears cruise to 7-1.

Consensus: Bears over the Titans in an average score of 30-12


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