NFL sideline concussion assessment tool

NFL sideline concussion assessment tool
Brian-Cassella, Chicago Tribune

Chicago Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler suffered a concussion in a Week-10 loss against the Houston Texans and was subsequently removed from the game at the half. Following the concussion announcement, speculation began to arise as to whether or not the Bears followed proper protocol in their assessment of Cutler on the sidelines.

"Our office reviewed it with the [Bears] medical staff and it was properly handled," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told the Chicago Sun Times. "The team followed the correct protocol." That of course has prompted fans to ask if A. the NFL has a standardized test, and B. what that test entails.

In 2011, the NFL did in fact announce a new sideline concussion assessment protocol for its clubs, and according to Aiello, the Bears followed it. Fans can take a look at the post-injury checklist tool here. Cutler’s status remains unknown for Monday night, but he must be cleared by an independent neurologist before he can return to the field.

The latest we will have official word on Cutler’s status is Saturday when the team releases its final injury report of the week. We’ll keep you posted.

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