Kellen Davis: the ultimate drive killer

Kellen Davis: the ultimate drive killer
Scott Strazzante, Chicago Tribune

If I was Phil Emery and/or Lovie Smith, Kellen Davis would have been cut from the roster at half time of Houston’s 13-6 victory over the Bears on Sunday night and sent home. This guy is the worst starting tight end I can recall in a long time. He has the size, the speed, all of that. Unfortunately, he lacks any actual football skills—like catching, route running and blocking.

Seriously, he can't pass or run block, so that already puts the Bears at a disadvantage. The guy can only catch if he’s already on the ground. I’d rather have . . . ANYONE else on the roster than Kellen Davis at the tight end position. Where the ____ is Evan Rodriguez? Give the kid a chance, because Kellen can’t cut it in the NFL.

It is either Davis false starting or holding on the play. Pick one. Then, in the passing game, he is either dropping perfect passes, falling down, or—here’s my favorite—the catch and fumble. Yep, that was my favorite Kellen Davis play. But he can do everything that the Pro Bowl tight ends around the league can do, right Lovie? You might want to rethink that statement. Did you actually mean that Kellen Davis can drop passes and fumble like all the bad tight ends in the league?

Evan Rodriguez needs to be thrown into the mix next game. See what this kid can do. Watching him throughout training camp, he is fast and has a great set of hands on him. Now that he is healthy, why is Kellen Davis still being forced upon this offense? Sure, ERod is an H- Back technically, but he can still play the tight end position. The Bears HAVE to get production from the tight end position, and Rodriguez can’t be any worse than Davis.

This may seem like I am just ranting—and I am—but it’s really long overdue. The fact that Kellen Davis is STILL in after all the terrible, drive killing plays really confuses me. Lovie and Tice, are you concussed too? We know Tice must be, because it is the only way to explain his play calling as of late.

If all it takes to be on an NFL roster is to run bad routes, drop passes, and fumble when you get hit, I am pretty sure that I am ready to suit up for the Monday Night Football game next week.

It is hard to believe that the Bears are going to bring him back next year. Is there really any chance of that? He repeatedly kills this offense whenever they get something going, and Tice and Jay keep going to him. WHY?! STOP FORCING THE BALL TO THIS GUY!

Cut Davis yesterday, and go get Jeremy Shockey if ERod is not going to be in the game-plan next week. Seriously, at least that guy can catch. The Kellen Davis era is over (did it ever begin?), and a tight end is what the Bears are missing badly. Look at what Jimmy Graham, Gronkowski, Greg Olsen and Vernon Davis do regularly. Now, I am not asking for a Pro Bowl tight end, but to just get some production from the position.

Dez Clark-like numbers circa 2006 with Rex. It is really sad that someone of Davis' physique, can’t put it together and actually make plays. Unless you count penalties and dropped pass plays for the other team.

Ask yourself this: what does Kellen Davis do well?

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