Bears-Vikings game predictions

Here are the game predictions for Week-12, Vikings at Bears, from the crew here at Chicago Bears Huddle:

Adam Oestmann (8-2)

Bears 24, Vikings 20 Bears’ defense responds to their loss against the 49ers in a big way. Everything the Vikings do offensively is set up off what Adrain Peterson does, so stopping him is their only priority; the rest is playing disciplined football. With Cutler now cleared to play, the offense will also respond.

Darren Doxey (7-3)

Bears 23, Vikings 13 With Cutler, the Bears will continue to come alive in the fourth quarter. The Vikings haven’t fared well vs. Cutler, and I don’t expect them to here.

Blake Van Poucke (6-1)

Bears 20, Vikings 14 This is a divisional game the Bears must win, and against a team that they’ve had success against in the past. Bears should be able to exploit this Vikings team even with their continuing problems along the offensive line.

Dominique Blanton (8-2)

Bears 20, Vikings 10 I think the Bears’ defense comes back from an embarrassing loss against the 49ers and they contain Adrian Peterson. Cutler will play and have a solid game.

Rashawn Franklin (8-2)

Bears 30, Vikings 10 The Vikings lose, arguably, their best playmaker in Percy Harvin, and the Bears get their best playmaker back in Jay Cutler. To me, that’s says it all.

Fan Prediction (0-1)

Each week (started just last week), I ask Bears fans on Twitter to send me their game predictions, so I can include the first one that comes my way on the blog and get the rest of you involved a little bit. Here’s Jeff Parker’s prediction:

Bears 24, Vikings 18 Bears’ defense gets back on track with two scores, containing Adrian Peterson to just one. The offense doesn’t hurt the team, despite a safety, and moves the ball for points.

Looks like we’re back to a unanimous decision, calling for a Bears’ victory at home in an average score of 24-14.

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