Bears-Texans Staff Picks

Adam Oestmann (7-1)

Bears 20, Texans 17 I have little confidence in the Bears’ ability to protect against, perhaps, the best defensive player in the NFL this season in J.J. Watt. Fans want Mike Tice to draw up a gameplan that gets the ball out quicker on the short crossing route. But the fact of the matter is the Bears don’t run much of that offense. What the Bears do run is Matt Forte, who I believe can have a big game. On the other side of the ball, I have zero reason to believe the Chicago defense isn’t going to continue to make plays—more than the Texans will.

Darren Doxey (6-2)

Bears 23, Texans 20 The Bears’ offense sputters—yet again—to start out, but the defense continues to do its thing and put them in a position to take a lead. Devin Hester vs. one of the worst special teams units in the League sets the Bears up to win in prime time once again.

Dominique Blanton (7-1)

Bears 17, Texans 10 In a defensive battle, Jay Cutler throws a touchdown while Matt Forte runs one in. The Chicago defensive line will find a way to get to Matt Schaub all night.

Blake Van Poucke (5-0)

Bears 23, Texans 20 The Bears’ offense has room to grow, and I believe they’ll finally come alive on Sunday night. If the Bears can shut down the Texans’ run game and pull them away from their game plan, Chicago should find a way to win this game at home. I’m going to go ahead and say first team to score wins.

Rashawn Franklin (7-1)

Bears 28, Texans 17 The Bears are eager to show they belong in the upper echelon of NFL teams. In comes the talent laden Houston Texans in a potential Super Bowl preview. If Chicago is going to win, their offense has to play one of its best games to date. And, for some strange reason, I think they will.

Somewhat surprisingly, the entire crew goes with the Bears in a defensive clash to end in an average score of 22-17.

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