Bears-49ers game predictions

Adam Oestmann (7-2)

49ers 13, Bears 10 I have no reason to believe the Bears’ defense won’t keep the offense in this game, and given the matchups, I think this will be a close one. Problem is, when games like this come down to the wire, my gut tells me to side with the home team—especially one as good as the Niners—to just squeak it out in the final moments. Sorry.

Darren Doxey (6-3)

49ers 20, Bears 13 Without Jay Cutler, the Bears will struggle even more to move the ball. Without the patented Cutty Comeback in the fourth quarter, Chicago loses its second-straight.

Blake Van Poucke (5-1)

49ers 17, Bears 14 The loss of Jay Cutler takes away what the Bears try to do on offense. Chicago can win this game by neutralizing the run and forcing turnovers, but the 49ers are known for limiting turnovers on offense. San Francisco is too balanced, and the Bears will have to get some breaks. This should be another low-scoring affair.

Curtis Shaw Flagg (3-0)

Bears 26, 49ers 25 The Bears will wear their hearts on their sleeves as they play in honor of Da' Coach "Iron" Mike Ditka, who was just released from the hospital after suffering a minor stroke earlier this week. It will be a defensive battle between two of the NFL's Top-3 defenses. Forte will add to the Niners' rushing touchdown total (currently at three in nine weeks) with one TD. Jason Campbell will look a lot better under pressure and mediocre pass protection as his athleticism, and week of preparation, will benefit him going into the Monday night contest.

**I was talking with the some local die-hard Bears fans earlier this week. One individual brought up a scary point: Cutler went down in Week-10 against the Chargers when the Bears were 7-3. This season, Cutler goes down in Week-10 and the Bears are 7-2. Stay healthy, Matt Forte.**

Thoughts and prayers go out to Mike Ditka and his family as he nurses his recovery.

Dominique Blanton (7-2)

49ers 13, Bears 10 I don’t at all like the matchup at the line of scrimmage for the Bears’ offensive line. The defense will also have their hands full with the 49ers’ ground game.

Rashawn Franklin (7-2)

49ers 14, Bears 14 I think Jason Campbell can eventually be a legitimate backup for the Bears, but against one of the toughest defenses in the League, he’ll struggle.

Fan Prediction (0-0)

This week, I asked Bears fans on Twitter to send me their game predictions, so I could include the first one that came my way on the blog and get the rest of you involved a little bit. Too bad I thought to do it this far into the season, but we’ll continue to do it for the remaining slate of games and into 2013. Here’s Timmy C’s 140-character-limited prediction:

Bears 24, 49ers 21 It’s going to be a defensive trench battle with Matt Forte out-running Frank Gore, along with Brandon Marshall scoring twice.

Looks like majority rules with the 49ers inching out the Bears in an average score of 15-12.

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