What the heck do I know anyway? Bears' defense is good

What the heck do I know anyway? Bears' defense is good
Scott Strazzante, Chicago Tribune

Really, what the heck do I know? I'm just some crazy guy who sits behind a computer, a WordPress dashboard open on the screen, looking for something to complain about.

For example, I just talked about having my finger on the panic button. I called the Bears an old, beat-up hot rod. I wrote this wonderful little nugget during the preseason: “This year is totally up to the offense, because I think the Bears’ defense will be giving up a lot of points.”

Uh . . . what?

Yep, I repeatedly preached that this defense could end up being the death of this team this year, and it’s time for me to eat some crow. They look amazing. Top-3 unit in the League if you ask dis guy right here! (Oh, how things have changed.)

The Chicago defensive line is dominating, and I love it. They come through when they have to, and Henry Melton has really taken the next step. All this talk coming into the start of the season about how Melton has to be consistent for the Bears to be dominant. Someone answered the call.

Shea McClellin, who I was obviously wrong about—I’m seeing a trend here. Are you?—is dropping back into coverage, getting pressure more than I ever thought he would, and just playing like a first-round pick.

Emery might have found a great pick there. Don't get his bust ready for Canton just yet, but he’s been impressive.

Remember when I said that the secondary was going to be bad and a concern? Well, Chris Conte and Major Wright—who I’ve repeatedly called Major Wrong (sorry about that)—are playing very well. Wright has been in the right spots repeatedly, and he’s made some really great plays.

Oh, and Tim Jennings? Have fun in Hawaii this year.

Brian Urlacher, however, is still a concern to me. He looks a little bit better, but I still wonder what he is going to be once he’s fully recovered. He looks very slow, besides the occasional flash plays. No panic button yet, but I’m waiting for a team to really test the middle of the field.

Defense, I WAS WRONG. Feel free to call me Darren “Defensively Deranged” Doxey.

. . .

Just a quick note on a few other things before I stop ranting . . .

I, like you, am not sold about the offensive line. They blocked well for Jay on Monday night, and JWebb played good for . . . the first time in his life. Not convinced, but they got the job done. Now do that every week, and we will see a Jay Cutler we've never seen before.

Speaking of Cutler, and to all the hardcore Cutler haters, who want to blow up EVERY LITTLE THING HE DOES, just go away. Jay plays great on Monday night, lights the Cowboys on fire, and what’s everyone talking about on Tuesday? Oh yeah, him walking away from Tice on the sidelines.

Not him patting JWebb on the head or being a "leader,” only the negatives. This is why you will never be taken seriously, idiots. Stop it. Remember Tom Brady almost getting in a fight on the sidelines last year with a coach? But Brady’s just displaying his leadership and passion, Jay’s a spoiled brat. Go away.

Anyway, feel free to make me have it in the comment section below. I certainly deserve to be railed. I've repeatedly picked against the Bears for three years now, and I regularly get proved wrong.

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