Staff Picks Bears-Lions

Adam Oestmann

Bears 34, Lions 24 Here’s the way I see it: the Lions are a fraud. The reality is that they haven’t beaten a team with a current or final winning record since Week-14 of 2010 (the Eagles were 3-2 prior to Week-6 but now stand at 3-3), and they aren’t going to best the Bears in Soldier Field on Monday.

Darren Doxey

Bears 27, Lions 13 Matthew Stafford just isn’t seeing the field right now, and Monday night he will face the best defensive front in the League.

Curtis Shaw Flagg

Bears 35, Lions 20 Chicago continues its defensive dominance but gives up huge chunks of yards against a pass-happy Detroit offense that falls behind early. All three phases score. I repeat: all three phases score. Another big game for Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte, who will—more than likely—rush for another buck. This game does reek of trap, however . . .

Blake Van Poucke

Bears 28, Lions 20 Matthew Stafford is struggling, and the Bears’ defense will continue to take advantage of opportunities. It’s also about time the Bears’ offense scores more touchdowns against a weak secondary. Detroit should be able to keep it relatively close, but the Bears are the superior team.

Dominique Blanton

Bears 31, Lions 17 Jay Cutler and the Bears’ offense pick up where they left off in the second half against Jacksonville. Johnson and Stafford hook up for a touchdown, but it’s not enough.

Rashawn Franklin

Bears 35, Lions 14 Devin Hester has his best game of the season and scores on a kickoff return and two touchdown passes from Jay Cutler. The Lions keep it close in the first half, but the Bears open it up in the second.

Consensus: looks like a unanimous decision, Bears over Lions, with an average final score of 32-18.

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